What We’ve Been Up To Lately

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The weather has been lovely and you can bet we’ve been taking advantage of that.

We were supposed to go camping this weekend, but the weather isn’t so good up north and we are instead going to be buying Aj a bed and dresser.

I’m desperate to go camping but I scored a great deal on the bed and dresser (malm, from ikea!) on Kijiji that I don’t want to pass up. Besides, I’m tired of getting down all the way to the ground when tucking Aj in.

We pick them up tomorrow and pictures will surely follow! Can’t wait to see his room all set up.

Speaking of Aj and the bed thing, he’s been doing much better at night time! He loves his “big boy bed” on the floor, and he’s excited for the actual bed (I’ve been talking to him a lot about it actually).

So, that’s what’s new here!

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  1. tierney

    Sorry to hear that camping won’t work out this weekend. Will you be going some other time? Also.. LOVE the third last picture of A- soo adorable!

    Side note, I just finished Edge of Never and OMG!!! It was phenomenal! I read it in two days and it only took so long because I had to work. It’s books like that I never want to end. I’m on a huge reading kick right now and have read probably 7 books in the last month. Do you have any more similar suggestions for me??


    1. Oh for sure! We’ll be going as soon as we can. Probably next weekend!

      And have you read the City of Bones series? I’ve just started it. I read the first one years ago and am rereading it now. 🙂

      And thank you!


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