Yesterday, I was hesitant to open up as much as I did about our struggles as a family. I worried that people would think less of us, I worried about negativity because I have enough of that on my plate as it is. The kicks to the box life has been offering me is kind of enough, I sort of break down in tears any time additional doses of negativity or bad things occur, as an incident yesterday (unrelated, sort of anyway, to what I blogged about) proved.

But…I’ve been getting a lot of encouraging words and helpful tips. Things we didn’t know before about applying out west, confessions of people going through the same or similar experiences, both now and in the past. Our problems are far from solved, but now we have steps to take in the right direction. Even just hearing that someone has or is experiencing this helps, it makes me feel less alone and more understood.

It’s not that people in real life aren’t being supportive –they are, but they don’t really understand. They don’t get why this job hunt has come up with no leads and has lead no where. I don’t get it, most times.

Plus, it’s hard to confide in people who are doing ok in the job front (as in the have jobs and are working). I’m sure most of them struggle too, but job stability offers a certain peace of mind.

By writing that post, and hearing the responses I have…I’m feeling refreshed and focused. I’m feeling encouraged and understood.

In addition, last night I stumbled across this quote;


It rings so true. When you just focus on negativity, you fail to see possibilities. So I’m working to change that. (And making sure I put that quote somewhere I can read easily when I need a reminder).

I just wanted to thank you all for being so warm and understanding, and offering much needed encouragement and helpful advice. Thank you!

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  1. I love that quote! Oy! I need that right now. It does help to hear that people are experiencing or have experienced similar struggles. I’m going to think about possibilities now!


    1. Good idea! That can be a struggle in itself but even a little bit of positive thinking can go a long way! Best of luck love!


    1. Yes it would! Focus my dear! You’re getting married soon!


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