Goodbye Funk-tastic Mood (I think)

I accomplished a lot today, and I’m giving myself a figurative pat on the back for it all.

I got up at 6am with N, and Aj was up shortly there after. After breakfast I did some cleaning while N and Aj played.

Then I had a shower. That usually never happens when M isn’t home to hang our with the boys because the effort in itself is kind of exhausting. I put the boys in Aj’s room and put on a movie. I hopped in super quick and washed my eyeballs in my haste, paranoid that the boys would be pulling out all of Aj’s clothes from his dresser or beating each other up. They didn’t, and they weren’t, thankfully.

After that, I loaded them up in the minivan so we could go get garbage bags and dryer sheets. Aj held my hand so nicely and N was super helpful so I bought them both kinder surprises. They got to carry them to the van but as we were walking, Aj started taking bites out of his. I fished the paper out of his mouth and buckled him in, then took N to his side of the van and realized all of his kinder surprise wrapper was missing.

“Where did the wrapper go, N?” I asked him.

“On the other side of the van, on the ground,” he told me.

Cue the lesson of the day; don’t litter. It isn’t nice. N picked it all up and brought it back to van (because we weren’t near any garbage bins).

After that, we picked up my mom and she hung out with us for the day. We took the boys and the dog on a walk around the block and read a thousand stories.

I dropped my mom off at my sister’s and came home to make a delicious dinner after stopping in at my mother-in-law’s for a quick visit. I hope it turns out, I tried something new: Oven baked chicken breasts stuffed with herb and garlic cream cheese and mozzarella cheese, with cream of asparagus soup poured on and topped with garlic.

So yeah, I’m feeling pretty good about myself and accomplished in my tasks. My house is pretty darn clean too!

For the past little while, I haven’t really felt like doing anything and I certainly haven’t gone out with the boys solo. M usually has the van or we all go. I think I’m finally beginning to come out of the funk I’m in. I’m trying not to let things outside my control ruin and diminish the good in my days. It’s a challenge, but if I keep busy I’m good. If I let myself think too much about all the things stressing me out, it’s game over and hello funk-tastic mood.

So, here’s to good days!

And here is a picture JD sent that she took a couple weeks ago of Aj and I;


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