I should be better at this kind of thing by now…

I was reading this post on Unsure ‘Adult’s blog, and it made me have a passing thought about Christmas cards, which led to a passing thought about how badly I suck at getting Christmas cards out, which then led to a passing thought of my overall general suckage at all things cards and notes and, yes, even phone calls.

I often forget to send birthday cards. I think I’ve gotten our Christmas cards in the mail like, twice now, and barely in time for Christmas. And that’s if I’ve gotten them in at all. I missed it once entirely, and the year after that I forgot until a month after. I’ve been a mom for four years, and you’d think by now I’d kind of grasp that little yearly task by now.

I also suck at sending thank you cards. When the kids get a gift, I know it’s my motherly duty to ensure that the thank you cards are sent out in the mail that day sometime in the foreseeable future. They say thank you when they get it, and they mean it from the bottoms of their hearts. I know this is true because they’ll carry on for weeks about how so-and-so bought them this or that for their birthday/Christmas and how wonderful it is and how much they like it. I’ll always think “oh right! I need to get a thank you card out!” but then I’ll promptly forget that thought.

I’ve ticked off quite a few people, especially an aunt that was deeply affronted by the lack of a thank you card in the months that followed Christmas. I emailed her to thank her the moment we got it, and she replied with “no problem!” but apparently, that didn’t mean I was off the hook for an actual card.

It’s not that I’m meaning to be rude, I truly am thankful for every gift my children are given. I am just a total scatter brain with flutter thoughts that go as quickly as they come. My mind is occupied with the more demanding tasks at hand, that surprisingly take a lot from me both physically and emotionally. The task of keeping two children [somewhat] in line, the task of making sure they are fed and dressed properly for every little trip out back, the task of cooking meals and making sure they eat those cooked meals, and the task of cleaning up after these mini-tornados whilst ensuring that they aren’t doing anything dangerous or harmful to themselves or others. They are a full time job that I often suck at, so things like send thank you cards and send Christmas cards often get forgotten, disappearing into the great unknown place where all the missing socks from the dryer go, appearing at random times like cherrios that miraculously appear all over your house when you didn’t even know you had them to begin with. Seriously, I haven’t bought cherrios in months and I’m still vacuuming them up!

Even phone calls, I am terrible at. I only ever remember to call people sometimes and then, rarer still do I make the actual call. Due to the chaos that ensues around here on a day to day basis, phone calls rarely happen. I can scarcely hear myself think, let alone hear someone else trying to talk to me on a choppy line (I get terrible signal). And focusing? What is that? It’s terribly difficult to focus when there’s a not-so-tiny toddler standing by your ear screeching like a mad man.


If the last few paragraphs weren’t obvious enough, I am busy with my boys. Blissfully so. They are my immediate thoughts, the very loud subjects of the front of my mind.

With that being said, I want to do better at the whole after birthday or Christmas thank you cards. I want to do better with sending our Christmas cards out on time. It’s always my goal, of course, abide a small one.

I’m sure I’ll reach a point in my life where I give up entirely on Christmas cards, but this year isn’t the one. Our new soon-to-be neighbour is a photographer, I’m sure I could squeeze in a mini-shoot and get one cute one of the boys. Actually, that’s the easy bit. It’s getting it put on a card, then developed and then mailed out that poses the challenge.

I’m also going to buy a stack of generic thank you cards and keep a pad and paper near by for writing down who gave who what.

But I’ll be honest; I probably won’t get around to the thank you cards. Maybe I’ll get the Christmas cards in the mail the day before Christmas, but I can’t even remember the last time I managed to mail out a thank you card.

In this era, I don’t think forgetting to send actual cards is all that uncommon, so I’m not going to beat myself up about it too much. I personally don’t even care if I don’t get a thank you card when I get a gift for someone. If they say thank you at the time of getting it, I’m cool. Even if a kid forgets to thank me because s/he is super excited about opening presents, I don’t take it personally. Quite the contrary, that’s the point of giving someone a present: the excitement, the joy, and it’s for them to get lost in that moment. Besides, I’ve never not been thanked.

What about you? Are you on the ball when it comes to cards and notes and phone calls?

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    1. Haha don’t get your hopes up, I may not even get around to sending them out lol! I’ll probably just end up taking a picture of the cards and tagging everyone I wanted to send them too on Facebook! 😉

  1. tierney

    I don’t send thank you cards (even though I have a box full of them), but I do always send Christmas cards. I have a list on my computer of people/families and their addresses because after the first few years of sending cards and having to do all the leg work to look up the addresses, I finally got smart about it. Sometime around the first of December I sit down with the TV in the background and write them all out. I actually love sending Christmas cards so I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve also made my own return labels (just from target, put it through the printer & voila) and put festive stickers on the envelop. By the time they’re done, I don’t want to send them!

    As for thank you cards, I should send them… I randomly received a thank you card in the mail a few weeks ago and it made me feel so good so I should maybe try to make others feel just as good haha.


    1. Maybe you could harass me to do my Christmas cards when you’re doing yours lol! That might help 😉

      I suppose it would feel good to get a thank you card. But I prefer seeing the look of enjoyment 😉

  2. Vicky

    I don’t generally send Christmas cards, Thank you cards, or cards of any type. I really think they are a waste of money & paper, we aren’t religious, and frankly only celebrate Christmas for my son, but even that is winding down. I do however, make a point to call the people I want to wish Merry Christmas or say thank you to for something. If I do send emails for these things, I include a picture to make it more meaningful. Say if they are thank you emails, I’d attached a pic of my son playing with the toy, or me using the items. It’s funny though, all my mom’s cousins still do the cards. Their kids (my cousins) we all do the email or call thing. It’s an generation difference I think.

    I make no qualms about not doing cards. If people say anything, I tell them the truth, out of concern for the environment and prices of cards, I don’t send them, and I would much rather talk to them.


    1. That’s an awesome truth. I save trees for every thank you card I don’t send. Win!


  3. Dont worry jess it runs in the family. Im terrible at cards which I learned from my dad. And great granny was only awesome at it cause nan always helped. So lets just say we are just like granny and enjoy it.


  4. I am horrible at the cards too, not to worry. 🙂 The trick is actually going to be getting cards out this year–heck, I still have Thank you cards from my oldest’s baby shower that I still haven’t sent out–& he is turning 4 in a couple weeks. 🙂 Don’t feel bad. I never order cards or send them out–I hardly remember to send a Thank you note or email either. My older sister is always on top of it even for simple stuff but, I am backed up from the last 22.5 years. 🙂

    I may have gotten them ordered (only because they were on sale at Walgreens) but, we have yet to see if I actually get them out.. 😀


        1. 😉 It seems to be! I thought I was the only one until I posted that haha.


  5. We don’t really do Xmas/thank you cards in France (imagine my surprise when I moved to Brighton and received actual cards and all haha), but I always forget to post my bday cards in time…and I always blame the French Post (too slow!) or The Royal Mail (they lose everything!). I am also a nightmare with phone calls because I’m terribly awkward in real liife.


    1. I’m also terribly awkward 😉 which is why I also hate phone calls.


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