My husband either has a guardian angel, or a horse shoe up his butt.

Yesterday afternoon, I almost lost my husband.



I know, that probably sounds dramatic and it probably is. Kind of.

Yesterday, Matt was working in the yard. There were two piles of rear ends for dump trucks, Matt needed to get one in the back pile to hook up to the fork lift so they could hoist it up. He was walking behind first stack to chain the axel [that they had to move] when one from the front stack rolled down and fell on him.

His saving grace was a transport rim that he fell back into. It provided him a cubby that he miraculously slid into, pushed back by the weight of the falling axel. Had he been one foot to either side, he would have been crushed and his injuries would have faired much worse. He could have been killed. Dump truck axels weigh more than a thousand pounds. Had it so much as landed a couple inches higher than it did, he could be suffering from internal bleeding.

His coworker rushed over as soon as Matt started screaming, and quickly chained the axel up and lifted it with the forklift, getting it off Matt as fast as he could. I am thankful for how fast everyone reacted. An ambulance was called and Matt’s bosses were all on the field with him, making sure that he was ok.

He called me at 1:16pm to tell me that he was on his way to the hospital, that a dump truck axel had fallen and crushed him. I asked him if he could walk, and he said no, that he was on his way to get x-rays.

I couldn’t think. I immediately told his mom, Kim, who was still at my house. We just gotten back from school shopping for Nolan. She quickly picked up Matt’s brother so he could watch the boys, and then we were on our way.

It was scary seeing Matt like that, in so much pain and unable to move. I didn’t want to think the worse, so I didn’t. I prayed that he had just bruised things, that nothing was broken.

It wasn’t long until he was being wheeled in for X-rays, and then while we waited for the results of those, Kim and I drove to pick up the van.

His coworker that was operating the forklift feels so bad. Matt doesn’t blame him, or anyone. It was just one of those freak accidents that happen. Workers comp is involved and all that jazz, from the tapes Matt is not at fault. I’m not sure if his coworker is, but like I said…Matt harbours no blame towards him.

He thankfully didn’t end up having any breaks. He tore every muscle in his groin, has massive soft tissue damage and has a very tiny hairline fracture. Again, we are lucky. Incredibly lucky.


As for Matt’s job, he still has it and his position is waiting until he is recovered from this injury. He actually just got promoted that morning too, and when he gets the go-ahead to go back to work, he will start training for another part of the yard. So, that’s exciting!

Matt’s bosses and coworkers have been incredible to him, and to me too. We will be taken care of so no worries there!

As for me, I am shaken. Completely shaken, but incredibly thankful. I still can’t help but think, I could have lost him. It’s a sobering thought and it makes me so thankful for every little seemingly imperfect detail of our lives. Like, how ridiculous is it that I was actually irritated with Matt because he didn’t take the garbage out that morning? This experience has reminded me to stop sweating the small things, and to appreciate the fact that my family is well and here with me.

I’m incredibly thankful that Matt is ok, and I’m also thankful for the help of our families. My dad ended up coming over to take over for my BIL, the kids had felt my anxiety and worry so they knew something was amiss and acting out is generally how they deal with those feelings (and it was only the second time my BIL had babysat). I also appreciate all the messages of concern and prayers from everyone too. Thank you guys!

Matt will be off work for the next week or two, until he gets the go-ahead to go back to work. He will be taking it easy, resting and healing.


  1. tierney

    I’m so sorry to hear about the accident but am extremely happy that it turned out the way it did (instead of being worse). Make sure Matt ices lots to bring down the swelling as soon as possible, and no roughhousing with those boys of yours! Hoping he gets well soon & back to work!


    1. So am I! Honestly, I am so happy he just has torn muscles and soft tissue damage. It could have been A LOT worse, and I know that. It does remind you how fragile life truly is and how quickly things can happen, though.


    1. I know! I still get hit with a wave of fear when I think about how it could have turned out. Not a pleasant feeling in my stomach. But, we are blessed and I am thankful he is okay.


  2. So scary! So glad your man survived and you were both able to move on from such a traumatic event. Makes you appreciate life I guess, but still not nice to live through. I work temp in a stone yard, so we deal with big heavy things too. So far I’ve had a fractured skull and a shaved off fingertip I had to cauterize back on (which worked so well, you can barely even see a scar).


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