New House, New Goals

Like every move before it, I am thinking of all the opportunities this new house will create for us as a family, and for me, as a…lady person. I’m focusing all my energies on the excitement and possibilities, drowning out the uncertainty I feel towards such a major change for us all.

It’s working. I feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on this move and truly own it, even if I’m dreading the actual packing, moving and unpacking bit.

I’ve spent hours on the Behr mobile app, playing with colour palettes and trying to envision what colours I want in which rooms. It’s difficult, I don’t really have an eye for colour. I mean, I know what I like but will it flow nicely from room to room? Will it compliment my furniture or just look terrible? Does paint colour really affect mood, or is that an old folks tale? After 4 days of deliberation, I found a palette I just love for the downstairs.



Opal Silk (the left) for the kitchen and dining room. The dining room far wall in Twig Basket (top right), as an accent wall. The playroom in Mythic Forest with the same back wall as the dining room in Twig Basket. The living room in Hallowed Hush (bottom right of the palette).

I love all of these colours. I think Opal Silk will brighten up my kind of lame kitchen and make it not so lame, as Mythic Forest is a fun colour for the playroom. Hallowed Hush is beautiful too. They’re all similar but different, which is what I wanted. I knew I’d likely get tired of the same colour throughout the whole house, but various shades that flow and an accent wall that compliments them all is perfect. I wanted to have a little brown in there for warmth, but we’ve pretty much always had brown walls so I didn’t want that to be the main colour.


There’s how the “accent wall” would compliment the Opal Silk and Mythic Forest. I added Hallowed Hush in there because you’ll be able to see the far wall from the living room and I wanted to see how it would flow, but we won’t do an accent wall in the living room. One wall in the playroom and dining room is enough accenting for me!

I have to get creative in the boys room. Both the bedrooms have sloped ceilings, so we can’t hang a whole lot of pictures or shelves. There also isn’t any closet space, as its an older home…but there is an entire basement for storage so that’s not a major issue. The only one who really needs a closet is me to hang the few dresses I have, but Matt can put a bar up somewhere in our room, or I could just suck it up and, you know, fold the dresses. They’re just sundresses anyway. Besides, I have so much crap in my closet that we don’t even really need at all. We never use it.

I’m also eagerly planning all the things I want to start doing once we’re in there, once we have some money at the end of the day for the things I’ve been longing to do forever now.

I’m sorry, this is just way too hilarious.

I want to start making bread, baking more, and canning vegetables. I’m going to force myself to craft more, simply because I want to cut tv out of our lives almost entirely save for the occasional movie. That’s always my intention, isn’t it? But I feel my chances are bigger at succeeding here with all the outdoor space and even the living space. I won’t be tripping over chairs in the kitchen while I’m trying to cook dinner if the kids are colouring. I have a separate dining room. Crafting will probably be more enjoyable with the space to do it, no? Maybe I’ll even start to enjoy it. I definitely want to set up a wall in the playroom that has a cute display the kids works of art.



[all from Pinterest. Getting the link source is hard from mobile – I apologize! I need to fix my computer…]

Plus the goal is to save money. Having all that stuff doesn’t save money, does it? With the Internet package and maybe a subscription to Netflix, we’ll do just fine.

With the massive backyard, the boys will have plenty of space to run and play. Not to mention, we’ll be even closer to parks, too. No excuse to stay indoors on a nice day, boys! Get outside and play! And on rainy days, art activities out the huzzah. Because I’ll actually have money left over to buy supplies (which is another reason why we don’t craft often).

Then there are my plans for the playroom…oh man. I want to set up an imaginative play corner, with their kitchen, a kids size table and chairs, and a little cube shelf to put their play dishes and food, so they can play “restaurant”. Maybe even a train table. The possibilities are endless!

There is a lovely shelf above one half of my kitchen, and I’m envisioning all the different plants I can put on that shelf. They’d stand a good chance of survival, being well out of Archer the Destroyer’s reach. And did you know there are household plants that improve the air quality of your home? I didn’t know that, but now that I do, I want to load up my house with them. Air quality for the win!

I’m sorry. I truly am. I’m just so excited for this. The burden I’ve been carrying on my shoulders has lessened considerably. I feel good.


Speaking of feeling good…

Matt is loving his new job. He’s up before 7am each day and works from 8am until 6pm. He comes home filthy and happy, and eagerly talking about all the fun things he got to do. He gets to do something different every day, which he loves.

He walks straighter and taller too, as if the weight that set upon his shoulders has finally been lifted. His eyes sparkle more. He’s happy to have an “actual” full time job. He’s relieved to know that he has work every week day, and most weekends too.

I’m glad that he loves his new job, and I’m thankful that our ducks are finally lining up in a row.


  1. tierney

    Love all of your inspiration pictures, and good pick with the colours! I remember picking my colours was a bit challenging but made easier by deciding that since I love love LOVE the colour grey, I wanted everything to have grey undertones and voila! it all matched! Can’t wait to see your finished product!!

    And yay! for Matt! I’m so happy for you both!

    Ps. Love that you’re posting every morning as of late, gives me something to read when I first get to work!!


    1. I wanted grey too but it kind of washes out our couches and since I plan on keeping them for a while, I thought blue undertones would be cool this time ^.^ we had grey in our first place, and browns ever since lol. Time for a change!

      Thank you! I’m happy too 🙂

      And I have been scheduling them because I have SO MANY topics I want to write about. 😉

  2. Haha

    LOL, I don’t even know where to begin. This is easily the most delusional thing you have ever written. I can’t believe you think your husband will even complete the probationary period at that job. Seriously, I’m dying laughing over here.

    Ps. It’s dining, not dinning. DINING! Jesus.


    1. Oh, hello there! You might want to tone it down on the consumption of haterade. You’re insecurities and hatred of your own life are really showing through.

      I do appreciate you catching that double ‘n’ slip up in my post though. People usually have to pay BIG money to get someone to edit their writing, you’re doing it for free so thanks! I’ve corrected it, I know it was REALLY bothering you.

      Since you so graciously offered me unsolicited advice, I’ll offer you some:
      You might find yourself a little happier if you stop actively being miserable and negative. Maybe you’d even get some more friends if you kept a positive, polite, kind outlook towards others. Truly, you should try it.

      While you’re at it, I do suggest you take up meditation or yoga or go for a walk or pick up some kind of hobby that isn’t stalking me on the Internet 🙂

      I’d also suggest that you stop obsessing over my husband and our life 🙂 I’m sure you could find your own spouse to obsess and worry about, but maybe not. You are insufferable. (You should work on that…)

      Have a great Friday!


  3. Your pictures are AWESOME!! Are y’all buying or renting?

    We are moving soon but, going to be staying with my sister & brother in law for a bit. Going to be interesting month or so, as you said, we have to focus on the possibilities–instead of the “we don’t have a job”, “We don’t have our own place to stay in”–it’s “we have a new start for our family”. Just gotta keep praying that I can stay as positive & relaxed as you. & just take it little by little.

    I am going to be very excited when we finally get our place though & I can start stockpiling/couponing again & when I can do the little Pinterest projects that I’ve been putting off.


    1. The pictures aren’t of our house, it’s the app preview thing 🙂 felt like I needed to clarify that, but we are renting still!

      There’s nothing wrong with taking a jump! I can’t wait to see pics of when you get your place, and I hope you guys find jobs quickly 🙂

      Pinterest projects are the best!

      And don’t worry, I’m not always calm and positive lol it’s ok to have your moments! Just remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and soon you’ll be in your new place!


      1. Yeah–but, they are cool ideas. 🙂

        & thank you–my hubby is looking & praying he’ll find one ASAP when we get there. I have one to do when we move. I will be teach couponing workshops/classes so, just have to get the word out & pray we find a place soon so that I can have the classes at home instead of someone else’s place.

        Definitely a light–just make sure it’s not the train coming to hit ya. 😉


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