The Weekend & Weebly

While Saturday was a not-so-good day, full of additional stress and worry (I’ve written a separate blog post because I wanted to keep things light and fluffy in this post), the rest of our weekend was good!

On Sunday, my mother-in-law took the boys and I to Target for some retail therapy. Nolan* snagged a new book bag and a spill free cup for school. They both got new shirts and one superhero each. (Nolan chose Spider-Man and Archer* picked Iron Man).

I may or may not cry every time I see this picture, or his new school bag. He just seems so little for school!

After our shopping experience, she took us to Starbucks and bought the boys a muffin and me a Vanilla Bean Frappe. It’s so good…I can’t even bring myself to try something different at Starbucks. That’s my go to and it never disappoints. She also bought me those cool drink mix packs for home, and holy delicious. I may or may not have a potential addiction to Starbucks on my hands. What’s that? A blogger with an addiction to Starbucks? How cliché!

Afterwards, we picked Matt up (he was helping his step-dad move a friends hot tub) and returned home to watch the boys new movie Nana got them. I went to bed ridiculously early and was gone to the world until 7am.

Monday also great, thanks to Amy having us over for a morning play date!






I had fun catching up with Amy, getting excited about when I can finally start up my Scentsy business (I’ve been wanting to forever now!) and the boys had a blast playing with Nate, as they always do. Archer even used the stairs at Amy’s by himself, without tumbling down them. He’s getting so big!

When we came home, we had lunch and I accomplished some much needed cleaning (which, by the looks of it, I’ll have to repeat today. Sigh. Dogs and kids, man).

Then I discovered a new site, Weebly, and got ridiculously excited for it. When it comes to blogging platforms I’m a bit of a gypsy. I’ve been on blogger, WordPress, tumblr, another site I can’t remember, and years ago, livejournal. I’m looking for that “perfect” platform. WordPress is good, but you can’t personalize it a whole lot unless you have hosting and a domain. Frankly, that whole business is terrifyingly strange to me and I do not want to add another bill to my pile right now when I can blog for free.

But Weebly is catchy. I’m not a fan of the name (it’s a tad juvenile), but it’s customizable and easy to use. The only thing I can’t figure out is how I would get all my posts from WordPress over, should I decide to do the jump.

And then Amy told me she has space and it’d only be 20 bucks a month, so I’m considering staying put until I’m in a position to buy my own hosting and domain, since that’s what I eventually want to do anyway (despite how terrifyingly confusing it is). Why jump twice?

Oh right, I’m impatient and impulsive.

So, I have no clue whether I’m going to stay or jump to Weebly at this point. Since I’m unsure; I’ll stay and play around on Weebly.

But ya. That was our weekend (mostly). The slightly heavier post is likely to follow at some point.

*I’m going to start using their given names again. Why not? They’re awesome names, if I do say so myself.

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