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  1. Oh my gosh, that looks so good!

    I can’t believe Nolan is a kindergartner. Where did the time go?! Has it really been over five years since you and I “met”?!

    I’m sorry he’s having such a tough time. It will get better… it’s just not easy.

    Love the new house pictures so far! I can’t wait to see more!


    1. Yes, yes and yes! It was delicious, time is flying by fast (only, slow on nights like tonight…both have been up every half hour so far), and I hope the kindergarten school thing will get easier.

      Thanks love!

  2. tierney

    Yay for the move! Looks great & I can’t wait to see the full tour! Also, it’s amazing Matt’s back at work, here’s to hoping your move brings on lots of positive change! Sorry to hear about your pain though, hopefully that pain specialist appointment comes quicker then not. In the meantime, baths, heat pad, muscle relaxants…not a lot of help but maybe a bit of relief!

    Also, too bad N’s been upset when you leave him at school. I was thinking, the bus may be so new and exciting that he is totally into it and instead of saying a sad good bye at the fence, you can pump him up for a super fun bus ride!!!! that helps him forget entirely about his separation anxiety. I have a few other suggestions I can offer (from working in the schools) so let me know if you’d like me to share! Good luck!


    1. That’s what I was hoping, that the bus would be SO exciting. But it’s supposed to storm tomorrow so I am going to drive him and continue to build him up. Go ahead and offer suggestions. Any for the 2 year old that gets up a billion times at night??? Lol


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