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  1. tierney

    Shots will definitely help with that.

    I feel your pain, you know that. I’ve had to modify my day in order to get simple things done. For instance, if I have to work later in the evening, I’ve started prepping my dinner in the morning. There’s nothing worse then getting home from work/errands all tired & sore and STILL having to plan/think about dinner. I find that by planning and prepping in the morning when I’m less sore and have more energy, I can come home and it’s either mostly done or needs to be thrown into a pot to cook and I can preserve my energy and nurse my aching body.

    My pain gets far worse as the day goes on, not sure about yours, but that just means I try to pack my mornings of anything I need to do in order to relax later without the stress. Nothing I can say will help your situation because were all unique, but know you’re not alone.


    1. It sucks because first thing in the morning my pain is bad (blood rushing to sore heel etc) and then mid morning I’m “okay” enough to pack everything high priority in there (laundry, cleaning, vacuuming etc), then my the afternoon when I go get Nolan it’s really bad, by the time we get home it’s extremely bad and then I have to rest and do up dinner. I should start trying to prep it a little in the morning – even if it’s potatoes peeled and put in a pot of water or something.

      And thank you hun, it’s good to know I’m not alone.


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