Let’s See Where This Thought Train Takes Me…

I apologize in advance: I’m a tad sick, with yet another cold and cough, so my mind feels all fuzzy and cloudy…if that makes sense. I keep thinking about all these things and need to get them out before my head blows up, so that’s the purpose of this post.

Last night, I successfully put Archer to bed at the same time I put Nolan to bed. I will politely pause for the round of applause this statement is sure to get.



I couldn’t believe it myself! They had a bath together, got ready for bed, went downstairs to clean up their toys, came back up to brush their teeth, then we all went into their bedroom and read a story. I tucked both boys in and told them goodnight. Archer tried to fight going to bed. He kept getting out of his bed and walking around the room, then he’d try to come out in the hallway. For the first few times, I simply picked him up and carried him back to bed, gave him a kiss and tucked him back in. But then that became a game, so I stood outside his door and held it shut every time he tried to open it.

It took about twenty minutes and he whined and cried about it pretty much the whole time, but then he got tired of trying to escape and went back to his bed. He made his adorable cooing sounds that he usually makes on my lap (it made me tear up and almost go in to cuddle him, but I stayed strong), then he fell asleep.

Unfortunately, because Archer is also sick, he was up several times after 10:30pm. He needed medicine and sick cuddles, but I refused to let him sleep on the couch. Baby steps, right?

This is the new bedtime regiment. They’ll both go to bed at the same time. If Archer awakes at night, I’ll change his bum, offer him water and tuck him back in. I didn’t want to do this sooner because I was afraid that the crying and carrying on would disrupt Nolan’s sleep, and the few times I did try it before (half-attempts, I’ll admit), it did interrupt Nolan’s sleep. But last night I talked to him ahead of time and told him that we ALL needed to help Archer learn what bedtime was and how the show ran. I told him I needed him to be his regular, good boy self by going to sleep (or at least, closing his eyes and pretending to) even if Archer was fussing. He said okay, and he did just that! So yay.

Hopefully tonight will be just as easy. If not, I’m still going to push through it because I can not spend another night on the couch with a toddler sleeping on my face.


Speaking of children and adjusting, Nolan is adjusting to going on the bus every day. Actually, I’m able to get him to move faster in the morning by telling him if he doesn’t hurry, he’ll miss getting to ride the bus with Lily (the little girl he’s befriended and rides with every day). It works like a charm! He still gets a little sad when the bus goes to pull away, but no more freak outs about having to get on it. Such a relief, as Matt has the van for work and I’d have no other way of getting him to school. I’m so proud of my little boy. He’s such a sweat heart.


But speaking of buses…I’m still having issues with the dog. Our dog is so amazing, so smart and he listens so well…when he’s not around other dogs. Add another dog to the mix, another dog that he doesn’t know and another dog that isn’t in our backyard, and he stops listening. He pulls like crazy, tries darting towards the other dogs, and whimpers and carries on. Normally, I can ignore the whimpering and carrying on. But the pulling of a 60 pound dog is kind of hard to ignore, and harder still is the darting towards them. That’s 60 pounds of dog taking off at full speed.

When it’s just Bane and I walking, he’s a lot better. I’m able to keep him behind me. He still whimpers and carries on, but it’s better than when we have the stroller. With the stroller, I lose all control of him. I know it’s because it’s harder to keep him behind me, he’s behind the stroller but walks a little in front of me. So I don’t even know if obedience lessons would work because typically he’s very obedient. It’s when the strollers there, and I highly doubt there’s a training course for that.

I’ve always hated the idea of a choker collar. For one, the name sounds so…terrible. I don’t want to choke him. But we’ve tried the harness and regular collar, and I need something that’ll quickly and effectively get his attention so that he’ll listen to my commands. He understand commands, but he’s so busy trying to get at the other dog and carrying on that he doesn’t even hear the commands. So, I picked one up. I haven’t tried it yet because I’m kind of terrified to. Again, a choker collar? I know it doesn’t really choke them, and that it loosens when they stop tugging etc. But still…I’m nervous. Our first time using it will be this afternoon when we go to pick Nolan up from the bus stop. That’s usually the worst time to walk him because there are so many little dogs out and about during that time. He’s worse with little dogs for whatever reason. It’s like he’s freaking out because their so tiny and he wants to play and investigate them but doesn’t know how to do that…

So, yeah. Anybody have any other suggestions? Again, I don’t think the obedience lessons would work because he’s typically obedient and knows his commands, he just has trouble listening especially with other dogs AND the stroller.


Another thing occupying space in my mind right now is the exciting news that people in America and Mexico as well as Canada can now buy off my Scentsy site. Just click the little flag by the search bar and change it to the US or Mexico flag and you’ll be fit to go! There’s still one more Monster Monday sale with savings of up to 75% off, so make sure you mark it on your calendars. 

This means I can also have hosts in and sponsor anybody in the US or Mexico, so if you’d like to be on my team let me know! Shoot me a message and I’ll get an email to you with more information on hosting and joining my team.


And the thought train has officially come to a stop. I hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday!

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  1. tierney

    Yayy!! I’m so happy you got both boys to bed at the same time. That’s honestly such a triumph when you’ve been having a difficult time. Just remember, the first day of anything is always hardest (ie quitting smoking, dieting, exercising), and you’ve already gone through the first day. Stick it out for a week or two and you’ll have a routine!!

    Also, as for Bane, have you considered a gentle leader? It’s like a harness that goes around their face but still allows them to open their mouths and what not. My very high energy boarder collie becomes a different dog with it on- it’s like he thinks he has a job to do and pays way better attention. I highly recommend it!


    1. I’ll give that a go next! This collar was on for 5 bucks so I decided to give it a whirl. I don’t know how Bane would react to the gentle leader because he hates things on his face but maybe that’s the point? And thanks hun!


      1. You have to train him to accept the gentle leader (or any headcollar really). When we first got Louis, our German Shephard, I trained him to a headcollar using treats – slowly acclimatising him to wearing it for a few minutes, working up to longer sessions. If the postage wasn’t likely to be so high from Ireland I’d send you his old Halti and Dogmatic to try on Bane because they’d be around the same head size.

        Beginners obedience classes won’t help Bane much but if there’s a slightly more advanced class in your area then the trainer would be able to teach you to work with Bane in distracting situations. I do advanced obedience with Louis (he’s a rescue & fear aggressive) and one of the most important things we work on is him listening to me and ignoring the distractions around him.

        One of the commands that I’ve found really useful is “Look” – ie get him to look me in the eye on command. It’s dead easy to train – you say “Look” while holding a piece of food by your nose and then treat when he looks you in the eye. It doesn’t take long for them to pick that one up… When you’re out walking you can then use the “Look” to get his attention before he kicks off or just after you correct him so he learns that the correct response to seeing a little dog is to look back at you and pay attention, not act the eijit. And plenty of praise/treats/whatever else he likes as a reward when he gets it right is super important too. But you know that, because you have kids and they’re far more complicated 🙂

        Re the choker collar – make sure you’ve got it fitted right and get both you and him used to it if you’re going to use it on walks. It’s like any tool – fine if you use it right but there is the potential to seriously injure your dog if it’s not used correctly. I use a slip lead on Louis now so I’m not judging you, just pointing out what I’ve learned 🙂


        1. Thank you! I didn’t know that they’d offer advanced classes. I actually emailed a local trainer to inquire about them.

          The “choke” collar worked well, but I’d rather look into using that gentle leader thing.


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