The Leap…

For the last several months, I have been toying with the idea of becoming a Scentsy Consultant. It’s a product that I really, honestly love. I constantly have my Whoot warmer on, and everyone who comes to my house mentions how good it always smells.

Before Scentsy, my house did not smell good. Especially on rainy days! Having two [very messy] boys, a husband that works at a scrap yard and comes home smelling of oils and metal, and a dog that smells like…well, a dog…my house was definitely not the best smelling place. I would constantly be spraying Febreeze to no avail…that wet dog, oil and metal shavings smell just wouldn’t let up.

I couldn’t, and kind of still can’t, believe how well Scentsy works. I put in one cube into my warmer and my house smells amazing. No more wet dog, no more oil or metal shavings, no more stinky boy-filled house.

So, it’s a product that I can get behind and honestly promote because I love it. I’m addicted to it, actually. I have a warmer, a plug-in, and a drawer full of scents. Plus I’ve ordered two more warmers and a heap more scent bars coming my way too!

But how much I love Scentsy wasn’t the only reason for my want to become a consultant. As you all know, I suffer from a chronic pain disorder, and I can’t find a job that I can physically do…at least not with my “qualifications” (aka, my high school diploma). I’m also super busy as a stay-at-home-mom, so I needed to find something I could do to bring in a little extra money that wouldn’t leave me exhausted and hurting even more than I do on a day to day basis. I needed a job that wouldn’t use up all my spoons before I even reached noon, and being a Scentsy Consultant is that job.

Yesterday, I officially took the leap. I’ve got my Scentsy website all set up for online orders, and tomorrow there will be a massive online sale with savings up to 75% off! Sale prices will be in effect tomorrow, but feel free to take a look today!


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  1. This is awesome news, Jess! Congratulations!

    Have you tried their car circles? I am a car air freshener junkie because Mike still smokes and I hate the way it smells. (Funny, right? I never noticed it when I was a smoker!) Which scents would you recommend? I like clean scents, but my absolute favorite is coconut.


    1. I also just ordered Luna for myself, my car smells gross too haha. It won’t for much longer!

  2. Lyn

    Can people from the US order from you?


    1. You can if I enrol in the region you’re in, but I’ll be holding off on doing that until I get a little established. 🙂


    2. Lyn I actually just emailed you, not sure if you got it or not but you can now order from my site, as I did go ahead and get the enrolment to sell in the States. Just click on the flag beside the search bar and change it to the US flag and you can order whatever you’d like! There’s still one more Monster Monday sale that you can take advantage of too. 🙂

      1. Lyn

        I missed the last Monster Monday sale, but placed an order with you today. So cool to be able to help you out from afar. 🙂


        1. Thank you so much hun! You’re gonna love those fragrances!


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