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Yesterday, my neighbour C came over to take photos of the boys for me. I needed just one portrait of the boys both looking [somewhat] at the camera, at my Granny’s request. Of course, I took billions of photos of the two of them over the last few months and none of them turned out. Too blurry, one kid crying, or I’d accidentally taken it landscape. Thankfully, C saved the day.


She also took some solo shots of Nolan. Usually, we hang out when it’s just Archer home so Nolan hasn’t had a mini photo session yet. She captured some really great ones of him that I’m in love with…20131121-205941.jpg



So, mission accomplished. The photo of both boys has been printed off for my Granny.

And some other random updates…

  • I’ve been preparing for both my Scentsy parties this weekend. The open house is on Saturday, and I’m feeling fairly at ease about that. Some people will show up, drop in and browse the catalogues, maybe place an order. Munch on some goodies and have a hot beverage. They’re all friends or people I know. The party on Sunday is my first ever home party (that’s not at my home). I’m excited, and nervous. I’m almost prepared for that. I still have to figure out a few more things (which games I’m going to play, mainly), but I’m also feeling fairly confident. Fairly.
  • The bus situation is resolved. The school is handling it. One less thing for me to worry about, weee.
  • I just realized that Christmas is less than a month away and I’ve yet to do any shopping for my boys. I’ve bought for just two people on our extensive list. Someone hold me while I cry.
  • My NaNoWriMo novel is at 44453 words. I’ve been struggling a little more with balancing home life, writing and Scentsy but I’m still powering away at it. I’m still in love with my story and can’t wait until it’s done.
  • Matt should be picking up our new-to-us CRV tomorrow. Fingers crossed, can’t wait to drive it!




  1. Karen

    Will you please email me the top one for our family wall? xoxoxo


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