1. tierney

    When I was young, my school did a donation program similar to that of Nolan’s. I personally think it’s a great idea. It gives you a sense of accomplishment knowing that your good deed went directly to someone who needs it. Some of those big corporations just take your money and you don’t know what “really” happened to it.

    As for Christmas shopping, I feel ya. I work as a nanny so needless to say, money isn’t rolling in. Have you considered going stateside for your shopping, either buffalo or Pennsylvania. Could be a fun trip with one (or all) of your sisters! My friend and I did it this year and went to Pennsylvania. I got all Christmas gifts including: both parents, two brothers, my boyfriend, the kids I nanny for and a few things for myself for $300. Pennsylvania has no sales tax so you save yourself there but the outlets are amazing. I added up the original prices on my tags and subtracted that from what I actually paid and I saved over $300! I love finding a good sale and I walked away with a Columbia jacket for my brother for $21, regular $80! She and I split all costs (gas and hotel) and only paid $50 each- totally worth it when you save that much! Might be too late for this year but something to think of for next!! Also, if I vaguely remember, I was supposed to remind you to start on your Christmas cards- I started mine last night!


    1. We have considered that, but I don’t have a passport. I’m aiming to do that next year, it’d be a fun trip! Awesome savings!


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