1. Wow. I heard about that ice storm in Canada but didn’t know you were in that. I took a big break from the Internet while hubby was off work & missed a lot. Your pictures are something! I’m sorry you were affected by that. It must’ve been awful. You may think you complain but I think you take a lot of things in stride. I would be worried about the water pipes bursting. I’m glad you had somewhere to go, even just to warm up. As for the people who don’t want complaining, they need to stay off social media. 😉 If you’ve lived through something, you’re entitled to talk about it.


    1. Exactly my thought! The social media police make me laugh. If you didn’t actually create the platform I don’t think you have a say in how people use it 😉

      And yeah, I was really worried. We had to throw out like ALL our food and we’d just did a big shop so that was a huge chunk of money down the drain, in addition to the pipes freezing fear and worrying about the dog (because we couldn’t often bring him to our warm up places). Sigh. It was shitty!

      We actually had another scare where the forecast called for more freezing rain…luckily it wasn’t as bad but still! We’d just done the shopping again haha.


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