1. I cannot STAND it when people don’t RSVP for things. It’s like, come on! Just say I’m coming or I’m not. And on Facebook?? You have got to be kidding me. It’s so easy to RSVP yes or no.

    With birthday parties it’s the worst because I need to know how many goodie bags to get etc.

    I find not RSVPing rude.


    1. I know!!! I have given up on invitations. Sad to say. For Archer’s bday I called everyone I wanted to attend and kept it JUST family and close close friends.


  2. I think that we’re definitely RUDER as a society and it drives me nuts. I’m with you — just RSVP, people! It’s not rocket science.

    Last summer when I got married we sent out snail-mail invitations. It was an extremely small event and we wanted to send out “real” invites. We heard back from plenty of people (after all, it was just family and (supposedly) close friends. We had several people VERBALLY tell us that they were going to attend — one (who basically invited himself to the wedding and we didn’t feel right UNinviting) cancelled the week of, and we had two other couples just not bother to show up. Um….what? Whatever happened to even just a quick email saying, “Hey, something came up, we can’t make it after all, sorry?” Geez.

    I personally think that this whole “busy” excuse is just that — an excuse. Rudeness should never be acceptable!

    In terms of your birthday, have you considered in addition to creating a FB event, personally messaging those people that you most want to attend? Sometimes people seem to respond better to more personal communication, even if it is just a FB message…


  3. I wasn’t trying to be rude. I really was going to try to come. But my work is feast or famine & I have to take work when I can get it. I’m down with a 6 day migraine so I can’t come anyway. I’m sorry I was a maybe for so long, but that’s why.


  4. I have been fortunate that I haven’t run into this problem too much. If I put a facebook event out there, I call or text close family/friends that I really want to be there. For my son’s birthday, if I don’t hear back, I have him ask his friends at school. This year, we aren’t doing a big party, but take a him and 3 friends go-carting for the day. So this I need to know before I buy passes, and if I don’t hear back, I will be calling them.

    As for the goodie bags – once my son got in 1st grade, we stopped doing goody bags. I mean, let’s face it, 90% of the time you give out junky plastic crap that the kids will lose quickly, and the parents don’t want more of this in the house. I do though try to send home extra cake slices with each kid for them or siblings.


  5. Guilty as charged. I’ll say yes, but I don’t like saying “no”. That always feels rude too.

  6. Tina

    It drives me nuts too. Look at my scentsy party. Even though it’s online… if you might buy something say you’re going so i knowwho to follow up with. If you don’t want anything decline so I don’t bother calling, msging, texting to find out IF you want anything. So annoying. Parties I’ve planned have definitely had the no shows too. Last one I planned a huge party for my sister and TEN ppl that rsvp Yes didn’t show and didn’t warn us before hand. I also hate the no rsvp and show up. Ppl ask for rsvp to plan how much food, drinks, cakes, tableware, etc to have.
    Common decency ppl!


    1. Exactly!!! I have had this happen time and time again. It’s hard to account for the random show ups and frustrating when you buy too much food etc.


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