1. Oh dear. There is really no “just in and out” with IKEA, is there.

    I’d like to make a crazy suggestion. You seem, like me, to be the sort of person who is reluctant to ask for help. So as one stubbornly independent woman to another, I am giving you total permission to send an “all points bulletin” to your ENTIRE locally accessible friends and family with a list of the days Matt will be away, and a concrete list of things that would be helpful. (eg. — “cook me supper”, Clean the kitchen while I read bedtime stories,” Pick up groceries so I don’t have to walk around the store”…) Lots of people would step up and help, especially if you gave them specific suggestions. And if you call on everyone, then it doesn’t have to be a big burden on anyone. This is the sort of thing that doesn’t come easily to me either, but there have been points where I have been forced to rely on the kindness of others, and it’s actually a wonderful thing both for you and the people who pitch in.


    1. This is a great suggestion, and I am quite reluctant to ask for help…for sure. But this is a great idea! Now to just figure out how to word and schedule it, lol. Thank you hun!


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