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  1. Did you get the 2014 writer’s market book to find places to send queries? They have one specifically for agents.

    I remember when my adnoids were taken out. Had them taken out Wednesday. Figured I’d be back Monday. It was that Thursday before I actually got back in the classroom. However, I enjoyed it. Watched TV, did a bunch of writing, caught up on video games, did a bunch of grading and lesson planning. Take your time. Do what you love. You’ll heal quicker if you’re smiling 😉


  2. I know that slowing down is tough. I struggle with that, too….a lot. But something that I’ve learned is that accepting our circumstances as they currently are is whole lot less exhausting than fighting against it every single step of the way. I know you want to be doing more….but frustration is only going to make the time seem longer. Be gentle with yourself. xo


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