1. YES YES YES! This is so true! People are always shaming my for being online too much. But it my means of decompression. I don’t smoke or do drugs so this is what I do. Deal with it!


    1. You’re not online 24/7. Checking in, sending a quick message or note, then disappearing again to do kid related stuff doesn’t mean you’re on it 24/7. We are exactly the same – it’s our quick “smoke break”.

      People don’t tell smoking moms they should quit smoking because they’re not spending enough time with their kids. They may say “smoking is bad for you, you should quit”, but I’ve never heard “you’re not spending enough time with your kids” addressed to a smoking mom.

      Again, live and let live…people need to stop being so concerned with what everyone else is doing and focus on what THEY’RE doing.


  2. Could not agree more. People love ranting against Social Media or Technology in general now a days as if we were staring at blank screens. I’m constantly reminding people that the word Social is there for a reason. I’ve reconnected with so many actual friends thanks to Facebook. And the internet and these phones open up to worlds of information. How is that any different from people reading newspapers or books back in the day? It’s not, that’s how. Except it’s actually better because there’s more information. Absolutely, balance is important, but that’s for each person to decide for themselves.


    1. So true! It’s the constant monitoring and “you shoulds” that drive me nuts. I personally don’t care if someone else is spending “too much” time on their phone. Who knows what their life is like when I’m not around them? I’m only getting the briefest glimpse into their world.

      I was honestly repulsed by that post about it. It’d be like writing a “Dear Mom at the restaurant” post, critiquing someone on their child’s behavior during dinner and that parent’s ‘inability’ to correct it.

      Ridiculous. I don’t know why so many people took it as law. Pff. Monitor your own time on screen, and worry about what you’re doing…not some person you don’t know.


  3. You hit the nail on the head, Jess. Everyone is far too concerned with what other people are doing or how they spend their time. I see nothing wrong with social media. I know it can be taken too far but if someone can find a way to have a real life and a virtual life, more power to them. I can’t seem to spread myself thin enough to manage both Twitter AND Instagram since I started selling online again. I know how much time it takes to have a home business but social media really helps make it possible to really flourish working at home.

    That phrase “children should be seen and not heard” was my dad’s favorite saying. I hated it. I always wanted to be heard. Loud & clear. You’re so right that back in the day, affection was not a given. My parents were raised without being hugged or told “I love you”. I think we’ve come a long way!

    Compassion is a necessity but in short supply. So is empathy. It seems like a lot of people were never taught to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. I love your blog posts and always will! Sorry I’ve been scarce on here lately.


  4. NAILED IT: “I think that everybody is spending a little too much time being a little too overly concerned with what other people are doing.”


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