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I’ve written before about how having a dog has changed all of our lives for the better. I don’t intend to be a broken record here, but it is so very true, especially this last month. Without Bane, I’m not sure I could have handled the last 21 days.

He keeps me company. He senses when I am feeling lonely and sad, and he nuzzles his big old head into my personal space to remind me that I am not alone. When I have bad pain days, he literally curls up as close to me as he can get without hurting me, and nuzzles up against me to comfort me.

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Last night, the boys and I were cuddling in my bed, reading a book. Bane was right there, creeping closer and closer until his head literally rested on the book. Watching the boys interact with him is always a wonderful feeling, no matter what mood I’m in…seeing the bond he has with everyone in our family uplifts me even in my darkest of moments.

Although he’s never been trained for therapy, he essentially is that to me. His presence is therapeutic to me. Even as I write this, he is close to my side…sitting in the chair beside my desk.

Bane is not the challenge that many people predicted he would be. In fact, he’s the easiest one to manage in this household, and that includes me. I’m stormy, grumpy and dramatic. Bane is never grumpy or stormy. He is the happiest creature ever, the most embracing creature ever. He’s all play and cuddles, sloppy puppy-dog kisses and big hopeful eyes. He’s a klutz, a lover…not a fighter, but he does get protective when it’s needed.

Like that time someone tried to walk into our house at night…I came rushing downstairs from my shower to see why Bane was freaking out. I found him standing near the door, the fur on his back standing up as he growled threateningly at the closing door. Yes, the closing door…someone was closing it, and it wasn’t my neighbours or anybody that I knew.

Anyway, the point is…he can be protective when it’s needed, but his general personality is to just be the lovable sidekick he is.

Seriously, I am incredibly thankful for this dog. He works far better to lessen my anxiety and depression than any pill I have ever been prescribed.


  1. I want a dog too. But I just work too much. I am glad your dog is helping you out.


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