1. WTF***!! People are assholes. Gah, if I had been there, I would’ve punched the b**** for you! And I am not a violent person. ARGH!

    You go, lady! You have no need to apologize for any part of your body. You are gorgeous!!!

    F*** the assholes!


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    This s*** right here is BS! Freakin’ BS! This lady is beautiful! And there is no way she should have to apologize for the way she looks! No one should!

    I won’t apologize for being crossed eye, well-endowed, saggy gutted, previous overweight, or anything else! We are all made different for a reason so f*** the a*****es who think differently! ARGH!!!


  3. I can relate so damn much to your story. I have a lazy eye. Growing up was a nightmare with the bullies and what have you. Even supposed friends would make jokes at times. Add being chubby and totally non athletic to that and it was hell at times. And like you I figured after high school it would stop, but no. I stopped being self conscious about it a long time ago, but in gotta tell you, even at 40, once in a while I’ll notice someone look over their shoulder when I’m talking to them, unsure what I’m looking at, and I feel, briefly, like I’m 12 again. In a bad way. But what I’ve learned is that everybody is self conscious about something. So, don’t sweat the idiots too much. They’re likely compensating in the only way they know. But it is shocking that a grown woman would just laugh at you like that. To hell with her.


  4. What. A. Terrible. Person. Honestly at a loss for words but just wanted to point out that you are a gorgeous woman and you should wear pretty dresses whenever you want! Sandals too. Sry you have to deal with idiots though… But hey, at least you aren’t one of them!

  5. Tierney

    I’m actually so surprised. I have a number of highly visible scars (it doesn’t help that I’m prone to keloids, which make them that much more visible), and I’ve never had an adult react that way. Matter of fact, my entire wardrobe consists of backless and thin strapped dresses (it’s hot around here!) and those show my scars the most! I have, on the other hand had kids ask to touch the scars and one in particular say “why are you showing your scar” when wearing a certain dress. These kids don’t know better so I just explain that it’s a part of my body, just like how she has brown hair, and she doesn’t hide that so why should I hide this?

    I can’t believe people are so rude. I would not be speaking with that women anymore and leave it at “I hope your children don’t grow up to be as judgemental as you”. Maybe putting it in a different perspective would have her reconsider her actions?

    Anyways, hugs to you. That flat out sucks!


  6. I am speechless! That was horrifying behaviour on her part. And for the record — you DO look pretty and feminine in that photo 🙂

  7. cathy

    What a bitch! Women are sooo nasty. But it’s more about her own insecurities. I have an autistic grandson. He “looks” normal, but he isn’t and we get double takes all the time and ignorant remarks. People need to engage their brain before opening their mouths. Treat people the way YOU want to be treated is something that is sadly sadly lacking in this world.
    But good on you for telling her she was being rude. Don’t take that shit from anyone!!

  8. Megan

    That is so messed up! What a jerk. You looked cute and confident in your picture! Keep on with the sun dresses! Love your blog. We have very similar personalities. Have a good day!

  9. mscat

    My cousin was hit by a car as a kid and has some skin deforming scars on one of her legs. She once told me that her favorite thing to do to get people to shut up pretty quickly (and to shame them for asking) is to tell whoever asks that she got shot, nearly killed, and doesn’t want to talk about it.


  10. Ugh, that’s awful. I totally agree with you. You are not at all obligated to share your story with rude strangers. Their curiosity is their own problem – and they should learn that it doesn’t give them the right to expect answers to questions like that. You look good in that dress! Don’t let them get to you!


  11. I worked a bridal shower the other day, and the father of the groom randomly came up to me, put his foot next to mine, and loudly commented on how big mine are—in a room full of women. I could have died. I don’t get why people are so rude. I don’t even think this guy meant any harm by it, but it stung. I laughed it off, but man. It’s been a few days and it’s still circulating in my thoughts.

    Big feet run in my mom’s side of my family and, thanks to my dad’s side, I’ve got crooked second toes and hardly any arch. I have ugly feet. I’m learning to accept that. Just when I start to, someone calls me out on them and it breaks me all over again.

    I love you, Jess, and I think you’re gorgeous. I hope you keep wearing dresses. You look hot in them. #girlcrush


  12. Even though I’ve been on the receiving end of similar rude remarks, it NEVER ceases to amaze me what people have the gall to say!! Seriously, telling that woman she was being incredibly rude should have been enough but she keeps up… When I was younger, say your age, I never knew how to answer things that caught me off guard like that. Now I’d say, “Are you trying to make me feel bad?” I think you handle things wonderfully and with so much maturity. I don’t ask when I see people with scars. If I become friends with them, I still don’t ask. I wait for them to bring them up and THEN I’ll feel like there’s an opening to discuss. Hang in there and just think of what weird stuff others have but are covering up. Everybody has something that’s odd or out of the ordinary on them. For some people, it’s their brain… xoxo


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