1. When I struggled with depression several years ago I had an uphill battle on my hands. My doctor put me on antidepressants (which did little for me…I found I was still depressed, I just didn’t care that I was as much anymore). She also referred me to a psychologist (that was 5+ years ago. No word on that yet. lol). I even ended up at the hospital one night after having a full-on meltdown panic attack. I was held for a few hours, questioned, and then sent home because they didn’t have enough beds and I wasn’t considered “bad enough” to warrant help. Obviously the health care system in NS isn’t any better.

    I managed to find some counseling on my own, through a women’s organization and also through a family service that allowed me to pay on a sliding scale (since I wasn’t working at the time and had no health care coverage I ended up paying nothing, thankfully). It was a long, uphill battle. I can’t imagine what it would be like for someone who was in greater need or who had less drive than I did to get better.

    In the end, I managed to fight through my depression (which was mostly situational — thanks, ex husband), and though I still battle with minor bouts of anxiety and depression, feel good about where my mental health is at. No thanks to the mental health care system.

    It’s good that there are people like you speaking out about mental health issues. It’s so very, very important.


    1. Thank you hun! You should submit your story to Stigma Fighters!


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