1. It’s all living, though. I get what you’re saying because it’s true: everything costs money. But at the end of the day, memories are about time spent with your loved ones. That does not have to be anything big and honestly, the great memories rarely are about anything big.

  2. tierney

    Hey! Haven’t posted in a bit but this hit home. I go through so many ups and downs (which I’ve recognized to be linked to my pain). Right now I’m in a down because of added pain so I feel ya. As a summer nanny (finally got a teaching job, yay!), I’m the queen of cheap and easy. Helps make me feel productive and the days go by quicker. Have you ever thought to buy an entertainment book? They’re $20 or so and can be bought online. There are SO many two for ones so with your two boys it’s totally worth it. Everything from zoo coupons, local museums, restaurants, mini put, etc. Those books are a life saver for me. They help to give ideas and do it on the cheap plus keep the kids entertained. Also, just a suggestion- have you looked into taking the boys to a local indoor pool at the rec centre? They have kid pools that are shallow and warm and provide life vests. Also, family rate here is $8. This could even help with your pain because of the warm water! Anyways, just trying to offer some suggestions. I feel like we’re living parallel lives sometimes hah. Hope this helps!!


    1. Those are all fantastic ideas…I need to look into them. As for the pool, I am ashamed to admit I’ve avoided it because of my feet…heh. I need to get them swimming lessons, but Nolan refuses to get in a pool anyway. Both my kids prefer the lakes and I’m hesitant about putting out limited moneys on activities they may not even do..

      I’m checking out a martial arts gym with Nolan this week. It’s free until the teacher and child decide if it’s something the child can and is interested in doing 🙂


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