1. Wow. I have MHE too and “look normal.” I also have my wheelchair, various canes, and splints int he car for when those tricky little muscles slide over an extra bone and prevent one of my limbs from functioning–for a few seconds or a few weeks.

    Today I felt great, but I parked in handicapped anyway because I knew what could happen. A lady stared at me getting out and walking to the store. She tssked–even though my license plate says permanently disabled. Too bad she wasn’t around when –yep. My leg went out in the middle of checking out and I had to have two people help me to the car. It is humiliating to be judged for walking and being ok–and it is also humiliating to be judged for taking that chance and going in without the assistive devices. Sigh!


  2. I was sitting in my car in a disabled space with a permit in the window. My mother’s disabled badge (permit). She has Alzheimers and terminal bone cancer and can barely walk. She can no longer drive, but I take her and my dad shopping each week, and wait until they’re finished. The looks on a couple’s faces as I sat in the car then hopped out and hurried to the shop, were only beaten by ‘those’ comments that rang in my ears as I moved away.
    Thankfully they were still there as I helped my father, who can barely stand, hobble back to the car with my mother in her wheelchair.
    They had the grace to look apologetic as mum struggled back into the car and I carried all the shooping and placed the wheelchair back in the boot.
    If a permit is being used, like you say, it’s already been verified. Without it, I’d not be able to take them shopping as there’d be no space for her to get in and out of the car…
    People should stop being judgemental.

  3. Meme smith

    I have a temp handicap sticker due to a broken foot and surgery. You can’t see the screws and brace on my
    ankle because of my shoes and pants. I limp when I walk to much but you have no clue how much pain I’m I today. Luckily it’s a temp and won’t last but no one should go though a minute of the amount of pain that some people go though everyday


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