1. Oh, yes! This is me. I so desperately want to hide away like a hermit and write, and just come out when I need food…but it’s not possible when you’re an indie author! Not going to happen…
    I actually find myself in my element at book talks etc, but I wind myself up into a veritable panic and tumult of anxiety beforehand, it’s ridiculous.
    We need to be visible and open and available, but all we want to do is write, or read, and hide…yet, our books need us to promote them, and half our life (or at least a substantial percentage) will be putting ourselves out there, right in the firing line…it is a pressure, but I think a great deal of writers feel the same. Think of Virginia Woolf and other introverted writers…we want our words to be heard, but without putting our heads over the parapet!

  2. Breanna

    That is just part of growing into yourself, you are holding on to the “old you” or the way you used to perceive yourself. You have worked hard to create creative content that you can be proud of, and I am sure beyond insecurities, there is a part of you that is afraid of the spotlight and success, perhaps because you haven’t been used to receiving acclaim. Don’t be afraid, you deserve to be confident in yourself and you deserve success. Embrace your power and your new sense of self as an author, mother and whatever else it is that fills your days with joy. You are awesome, so just own it!


  3. Such a moving post, J.C.! You know what’s beautiful? Authenticity. Those that have the strength and the courage to be true to themselves—to be who they are. Those that are honest, vulnerable, intimate, unique, bold, and real. Those who are brave enough to share a piece of themselves. The artists, the musicians, the authors, the poets, the creators, the rebels, the givers, and the lovers of the world. Those who approach life with sincerity, honesty, openness, and veracity. Those who send a daring and dazzling message of “I am who I am” and in doing so, give others permission to do the same. So here’s to the authentic souls–like yourself– who grace us with the gifts of their true selves. Here’s to the breathtaking, invigorating, beautiful, genuine, and true. Keep shining, gorgeous souls. Your authenticity is beautiful. Perceived imperfections and all. Thank you.


      1. My pleasure! For what it’s worth, I hope you choose to be seen more times than not. =) As someone who endures their own daily struggles with a chronic medical condition, I find the greatest, most inspiring voices are those who have been to their depths and found “something” to use as a catalyst to not only open the door for their own happiness & self-worth, but to open a welcoming door for others to find their happiness and voice as well. I can see that very quality jump from words and off the computer screen– into life . =) You are giving people hope! There are few things more beautiful than that. Consider me inspired! All the best!


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