1. Sarah

    This is a common struggle for my wife as well. She will have great aspirations to get through her huge to do list but then life throws her a curve ball and she has to settle for only accomplishing a couple of things. It really weighs on her how her illness gets in her way all the time. Every weather change and change in pressure guarantees a shitty day for her. It truly amazes me how she gets through day to day. Once when I was sick with the flu and my whole body ached I was in awe with how she manages to get through each day. A couple days of misery is nothing to compare with but it was an eye opener. “How do you do this everyday?” “What choice do I have?”

    Thanks for sharing this JC.


  2. This is so true. I need to remember it more often. Our accomplishments far outweigh the things that we can’t do.


    I hope you’re feeling better.


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