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Last night’s interview with Paula from Paula’s Soapbox was a lot of fun! We didn’t realize how poor my audio quality was until after the interview, so you’ll unfortunately have to fiddle with your volume to hear me. I put all the stops to make sure that didn’t happen again, even going as far as to use my husband’s really expensive Beats headphones and microphone. Sigh, technology – 1, JC – 0. Again. 😉

Audio quality fail on my part and a crappy connection (likely thanks to all the kids home on summer vacation who don’t know how to entertain themselves without using the Internet) aside, Paula asked a bunch of fantastic questions, so be sure to give it a listen if you’re interested in learning more about little old me and my upcoming release, Damaged Goods:

The next big thing on my to-do list is the Authors of Passion Podcast interview this Saturday (August 1st) at 4pm EST. I can’t wait, and I hope you’ll tune in for that as well!


On August 8th, I’ll be attending the Ignite Your Soul author event in London, Ontario. If you’re local to London, and if you LOVE books – you should totally go. It’s free for readers and it’s going to be a blast! There’s going to be a cash bar and a Flapper Girls after party with a live band! Plus…it’s for a good cause. All of the proceeds from door prizes will be going to the Bereaved Families of Ontario, Southwest Region.

I also officially registered for the Romancing The Falls author/reader event, and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s going to be in May 2017, plenty of time for everyone to plan and budget – myself included. I’m told there’s possibly going to be a cruise and a wine tour, added bonuses to getting to meet fantastic authors!

Now…I need to “get to work” and do a ton of editing (for Collateral) and hopefully fire out a few chapters of my new WIP. Happy Tuesday everyone!



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