Secondhand Procrastination

I haven’t been sleeping very well lately. I know…that’s not really all that shocking. I have staples and stitches holding my fleshy bits together. It’s tight and not very giving, if you know what I mean. If you don’t know…well, I envy you. Leaning in any direction tugs on staples and stitches so leaning or moving around isn’t exactly fun. Then again, not moving is boring as all hell.

But it is what it is; I’m stuck this way regardless for the time being, and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.

I’m a huge procrastinator. I have a tendency to put off packing until the last possible minute. For anything. Previous moves, camping trips, I essentially procraste everytime I need to do something. But…it’s always because I’ve decided to procrastinate. This time however, I’m itching to get started purging and organizing, tossing and packing. Only I can’t, because pain and what not. Right now, I’m basically procrastinating against my will. And it’s quite terrible.

Do you know what else is quite terrible? Secondhand Procrastination: when someone else is procrastinating and therefore you must also procrastinate. That’s also not nearly as fun as procrastinating on your own. Basically, all procrastinating is bad except for your own and I can’t even freely procrastinate for the sake of procrastinating, so that’s why I’m ranting.

I just want to know where we’ll be living in a few months…

Oh, and I want to fast forward through all this gross stuff like house worries and staples and stitches. If it could be a time where we have found a new, totally awesome house and my skin was no longer held together by foreign objects that’d be great.


Oh, and I wanted to mention that yesterday I made it to my pain clinic appointment in one piece; oh and I do not recommend traveling with staples on your back side, if you can at all help it.

Anyway, the pain clinic appointment went well and now I get to rest up and wait a ridiculously long time for the staple and stitches removal appointment.


  1. I agree that it’s annoying when you’re forced to procrastinate. I like the freedom to choose. 😉 Glad your pain clinic appointment went well!

  2. tierney

    Glad to see that you’re doing well! Recovery stinks- your mind is all there but your body just can’t do anything. Out of curiosity, what goes on at the pain clinic? I know you typically opt for no medication so what kind of treatment plan/help does the pain clinic offer you? Just curious because I feel as though my pain clinic here only wants to do Botox-style injections that I’ve had no benefit from but then it seems as though they’ve run out of options. I no longer go there and deal directly with my specialist so I was just wondering what your experience with the pain clinic is if not too personal? Thanks 🙂


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