The Wreath

I love all things Christmas. I love cheesy Christmas movies and decorating Christmas trees. I love doing Christmas crafts and drinking hot chocolate. I love eggnog and Christmas cards, Christmas parades and Christmas lights. I even love just saying the word — Christmas.

Most of all…I love the feel in the air; the excitement, the magic.

My husband Matt is less enthusiastic about all things Christmas. While he loves watching the kids open their gifts and stockings from Santa, he’s really not into the rest of it. He feels that the whole thing is overrated and over commercialized. He thinks it’s terrible that people chop down trees just to hang ornaments off the branches for two weeks. He says it’s a sad existence for them. He hates how busy the season is, how you have to travel so much, all the family gatherings. He doesn’t like decorating and he doesn’t like wreaths of any sort.

So, back to me: the one who loves all things Christmas. A few weeks ago, I noticed my beloved Christmas wreath was missing. I asked Matt if he’d seen it and he said he hadn’t. I told him I wanted to go buy a new one and he went off on one of his adorable rants about how he can’t stand wreaths and doesn’t want to waste any money on one because they’re pointless and lame. Normally, I’d just go out and buy one anyway; but this whole “recovering from surgery” thing kind of means I can’t drive myself to Walmart and walk over to the seasonal aisle. I asked a few times, and he said no and reminded me that we had other things to worry about (like the actual shopping bit).

When I was texting my shopping list to him, I slipped in a wreath. He responded with an animated “no” and we both laughed because we were probably both rehashing his hilarious rant in our heads. He went off to Walmart, I remained home, eating junk food and reading.

When he returned home, he brought over his purchases. Included in the pile was a brand new Christmas wreath.


I was stunned, because I honestly thought I wasn’t going to win this battle until I healed up enough to go pick one up myself. Matt can be a grinch and when he doesn’t want to do something, he doesn’t. So I asked him why he’d caved.

He looked at me and said; “Because I knew it would make you happy.”

His words were simple, but they still made me take pause. I stared at him, holding this beautiful wreath that he didn’t even want, realizing just how much he sacrifices and does to make me happy. He brought the wreath home to see me smile, and when I did…he smiled too. With genuine happiness and adoration.

It’s easy to get lost in the grind and not see the good; those beautiful, raw moments where your spouse is doing something just to make you happy. I know I’ve been sulking a lot lately, and I feel bad for being such a poor sport about this whole thing when my husband is getting up for work at 5 am and coming home to deal with the kids almost solo because I can’t really walk yet. He does so much for me, for our family.

Despite how difficult things have been recently, I’m blessed. I still have the love of my life working tirelessly to see me happy. He’s on my side and he has my back.

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  1. Deb

    Beautiful story of the love you have for each other, and it truly reflects the spirit of the Christmas season.


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