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  1. Brian L.

    As a frequent reader of your blog, there are two things that have always jumped off the computer screen to me: the depth of your character & your incredible, descriptive writing talents. Those two qualities combined make it a very welcoming place to connect with your blog posts and lead my day with a more open, tuned-in heart after reading them! In my own circles, I can find some common ground with you pertaining the struggles and challenges that make maintaining a positive outlook seem like a losing battle over time. But as I grow older, I realize that each & every struggle and obstacle is an opportunity to once again reach into my depths, discover something stronger in myself, and apply it moving forward– with positivity. I would be blind as a bat to not see the same “fight” and applied growth in you. It is those very qualities of which are the catalyst for growth during these challenging times that will always –eternally– be the the core of what is “beautiful”. Owning that -and understanding what is precious and rare is not easily understood by others- never, ever allow yourself to be a prisoner of any strangers opinion. You are the sum of many wonderful parts. Your loved ones surely have warmer hearts because they know that your bright soul transcends scars, toes, and all the battle wounds youwear on the outside OR the inside. Keep on shining bright JC. Wear your flip-flops with pride and a big ol’ smile that is not cheated, with the understanding that all the eyeballs and critical options have not–for one second–walked in your unique shoes. Hope you have had a wonderful weekend and sincere best wishes with everything! (Excuse the lousy grammar!)


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