I Left My Spoons in French River

This weekend, my husband and I joined some of our friends on a camping trip to French River while our little ones stayed at home with their Nana. It was an incredible experience, and I’m so happy we went! I’m pretty sure that I’ve used up all of my spoons for the next several weeks (or months), but it was totally worth it.

We drove to the French River Trading Post to park and put our boats in. Mostly everyone kayaked or canoed in, but Bane and I snagged a lift with our friends who brought their motor boat. It took us about twenty minutes in the boat to reach a camping site, while it took the others an hour and thirty minutes or so in their kayaks and canoes.

We ended up at the best camping site on the French River. I guess people come out on Wednesday to secure that site, and it was basically a miracle that it was still available on the Friday.



IMG_20160828_165158 IMG_20160828_184409 IMG_20160829_085509


There was a huge rock with several ledges that you could jump off from. I jumped off a really low one a few times, but a couple other people in our group jumped off from higher. They also all went on a short kayak or canoe trip from our site to a different cliff to jump off of while I hung back with a few others who didn’t want to go on that particular exertion. I’d really wanted to go myself, but I chickened out. I wasn’t sure if I’d even be able to climb up the rocks, and I knew I couldn’t jump. I was also worried about Bane, but it turns out he would have been fine. Next time, I’ll give it a whirl. The going there part — not the diving off a cliff. That won’t happen, although my husband did it.


Bane had a lot of fun camping too. He wasn’t exactly a fan of the boat ride, but he tolerated it and loved the campsite. There was plenty of space for the dogs to run around, a beach, and lots of great swimming spots too.

IMG_20160829_091517I’m getting back into work mode, but I’m probably going to be pretty quiet for the next few days. My mind feels rejuvenated after all the fresh air and beautiful sights from this weekend, but my body is definitely not on the same page. But honestly, like I said…the experience was so worth it and we will most definitely be making it a yearly thing.

The way I see it is that I’m already in pain, whether I sit at home and do nothing or whether I dip my toes into the world. I’d rather dip my toes into the world a little bit, see a little more, and push myself to live the way that want to live, even if I can only do it a few times a year, if that.

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