Consumed is Two!

consumed_ebookTwo years ago, I published the second book in my Collide series, Consumed. When I wrote Collide, I wasn’t really sure where Harlow’s journey was going to take her–or me, for that matter. It was never really about the guy who she ended up with, but more or less the obstacles she overcame throughout her life–the incident in Toronto that changed her and shook the foundation of her very being, the death of her best friend, the move to North Bay, helping her peer get justice, and falling for her English teacher. Iain Bentley’s influence was imperative to who she would eventually become.

Harlow’s growth is one of my favourite things about this entire series. She goes from being closed off from the world, to slowly letting people in and learning how to forgive and trust again. Forgiving people who have hurt you is hard, and it’s something I struggle with daily. Letting people in after you’ve been hurt (multiple times) is also challenging, and I knew that Harlow’s quest wasn’t going to be easy.

Another favourite thing about this series? Jax Walker. When I wrote this story, I just knew he was going to be a crucial key in Harlow finding peace. To this day, he’s still one of my favourite male leads, and not just because of his slight resemblance to my celebrity obsession, Jason Momoa either. While Jason’s visual definitely helps, Jax’s overall personality makes him one of my favourites. He is the ultimate book boyfriend.


I still remember every set back I had while writing this book. Halfway through it, my laptop died. And I mean–it died, I lost all of my work and had to start from scratch.

I almost gave up. I was certain I wouldn’t be able to write it the same way.

Honestly? I’m not sure if I was able to write it the same way, but I loved the end result and every single day I am thankful that I didn’t give up (and that I learned the importance of backing up your work. Take note, aspiring writers–get yourself a backup drive ASAP).

To celebrate the fact that Consumed is officially two years old today, I’ve dropped the ebook price down to 99 cents for a limited time (regularly, it’s $2.99). I’m also giving away a signed paperback on my Facebook page, so be sure to enter!


Tonight I’m also doing my #WineWithJC event in the FANnigans group on Facebook. I’m going to be talking about the upcoming novella I have dropping soon, and there will be giveaways! I hope to see you there.


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