Nature and Creativity

Winter isn’t my favourite time of the year. I find it’s beauty breathtaking, but the cold, damp weather brings more pain days, and I easily fall into bouts of depression where I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything. My creative mojo takes a hit, and I want to hibernate. I spend more time reading and watching Netflix than I do creating.

Today, though? I forced myself out on a little hike to the train bridge with my neighbour and her dog. I breathed in the crisp winter air and felt inspired for the first time in weeks.

My neighbour struggles with chronic pain too, and she let me borrow one of her hiking poles. It helped so much that I ordered my own pair from Amazon so that I won’t have to steal one of hers all the time. They helped me find my balance on the icy ground, and relieved some of the strain my hips and feet usually feel.


Clearly, I need to get out into nature more, because each time I do, my creative juices start flowing again. It’s invigorating, and it’s definitely more inspiring than sitting at home watching Netflix.

But honestly…it’s easy to let myself fall into the comfort of just staying at home under a warm blanket, even with a dog. Bane is just as content staying home with me, his energies are similar to mine in that regard. But just seeing how much fun he had and knowing how I felt afterwards, I know that I need to stop hiding inside.

I’m making a pact with myself (and Bane), that we will get out on at least three hikes a week. Even if they’re short treks. Nature is good for the soul!

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  1. Yes it is! I’m so glad for you. I feel the same way about winter, but I do love hiking. Or did. I’ll have to check out Amazon for poles!


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