Gone Camping!

The truck is loaded up, and we’re going on our first camping trip of the year! I’m so excited–even if I literally procrastinated on everything I needed to do until this morning. It made for a very busy, hectic six hours! I had to make our meals for this weekend, and pack our clothes and other gear. Every time we have to go somewhere or do something, I tell myself I’m going to get everything done early–and every time I fall very short of that goal! Oh well, the important thing is we’re packed and going!


But I can’t really blame myself for being so distracted; I’ve been polishing up the Rebel Song manuscript. I’ve added a few things, made a few changes, and now my 8th full-length novel is ready for the editor on Monday! I can rest easy this weekend knowing I’ve done all I can. 😉

Anyway, I’m out of the office this weekend, so if you message me I probably won’t get to it.

I hope everybody has a safe and fun weekend!

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