Northern Summers and Writing Updates

When I was little my grandparents had a cottage in Honey Habour, Georgian Bay. I spent all summer long up there with them, swimming and boating and riding the 3 wheeler with Papa. He took us fishing and out to Picnic Island for ice cream, and every night we’d have a campfire before bed. I have so many wonderful memories at that cottage, and I’ll cherish them forever.

I lucked out when I married Matt, because now our kids get to have a childhood just like that at the property. Feral summers under the Northern sky; camp outs and swimming, fishing and memories that I get to watch them make.

We went up on Friday night, and set up our tents. The kids were in the lake before I could even get their swim suits out, and spent the entire next day playing in the water. That day, four generations of my husband’s family gathered for their annual reunion, and let me just say…they throw the best reunions! Like an actual, bonafide shin dig.


The kids get to run around with all of their cousins (so many that I can never keep count of them all), while I get spoiled with the best stories of Matt growing up!

My body is completely worn out right now, I can barely walk from one room to another, but my heart is so happy and light.

And now, some quick writing updates before I hop off and get back to work:

I’ve decided to take part in an anthology that will be releasing early next year, so I’ve started writing a novella for that. I’ve also got two other books in the works, and once I figure out a production timeline and work out the characters names and other traits, I’ll be revealing more about those projects.

Rebel Song is with the editor, and I’ll likely be looking at a September release now so that I have time to complete everything that I still need to do. If I finish all that other stuff sooner than expected, I’ll release it early. I know you guys have been waiting patiently for it, and I want it in your hands as soon as possible too.

Damaged Goods and Reckless Abandon are both going to be pulled from Kindle Unlimited once their current run is up, so make sure you read them before August 26th!

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  1. I have similar memories, and so does Mike. My dad’s family has always had a seasonal site at a campground on a lake. His mom’s family has always owned property at a (large) pond. Unfortunately no one’s been able to maintain the pond, so we occasionally use it for cookouts but you can’t swim in it (unless you don’t mind coming out looking like Swamp Thing, haha). The lake, though, we still use (though I haven’t been up more than once yet this season 💔).

    I’m excited for your anthology and new releases! We definitely need a FT date soon. 😘


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