Oh Hey, July

June slipped through my fingers like water.


It held a lot of wonderful bits, like seeing ZZ Top in concert with my husband for his birthday, playing the slot machines (and winning back what we spent plus twenty bucks), sending off Rebel Song to the alphas, traveling up north for a bridal shower and a weekend visit at the family property–all those things were great.

Our family vehicle dying on my birthday–less great. On June 15th, Matt took it to work, and on the way home he heard that god awful ticking that every car owner hates to hear. I didn’t know this prior to it happening, but 1999 Chrysler Intrepids contain the worst engine Chrysler has ever made, and our car was a victim of oil sludge build up that resulted in engine failure.

Happy Birthday, right? 

The car gave us two years of wonderful service, so I can’t complain. Although it’s untimely death makes me very sad, the news is good for Matt: we can finally focus on getting his 1988 S10 on the road. It’s cheaper to do that and have me use our Dodge Ram than it is to get another vehicle at this point.

It’s been an adjustment going back down to one vehicle, too. I was a little spoiled–having access to a vehicle no matter what. Now I have to arrange activities based on when Matt can get picked up by a co-worker, and his work schedule changes day to day. I think *I’m* being more pushy about getting the S10 on the road than he is.

Vehicle woes (and the accompanying drain on my savings account) aside; I’m not going to let that ruin my summer, or my mo-jo.

The synopsis for Rebel Song is almost ready to be shared with the masses–along with some fancy teasers and what not! Although money is tight, I’m still pushing forward with my plans for publication, I’m just not going to pick an official release date until I know for certain I can make August happen. I really, really want to make August happen, you guys! I’m desperate to make it happen, but I also flat out refuse to rush things. I don’t want to present anything less than perfect for you guys, and for Travis and Becky.

While I was waiting to hear back from my alpha readers about Rebel Song, I started outlining three other novels. None of these bad boys are related to the Rebel series, but I’m still excited for all of them. I can’t decide which one to give my focus to–each of these stories is calling to me. I’ve been chipping away at all three, which is something I have never done before. Working on three projects at once, I mean. I’ve done two–I wrote the first half of Damaged Goods in and around the same time I was writing Consumed–but three is a lot, even for me!

Now I just need to actually sit down and figure out which one I want to write now, and do up another production schedule for the next two. 😉

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