Updates, Finally

I’ve really sucked at blogging lately. I have about twenty unfinished drafts that I’ve abandoned because my attention was called elsewhere. I decided I’d try again, hence the title of this post; Updates, Finally. Maybe I’ll finally finish and post it, ya?


This summer has been intense. Being a work-at-home parent during the summer holidays is no joke. You go from having all day to be productive, to…definitely not having all day to be productive. My boys typically allow me a couple of hours in the morning to work before they get antsy and need to burn off some energy.

But–despite how unproductive I feel, it’s been nice having the kids home. It’s been fun watching them play together, and they’ve really gotten good at riding their bikes. Both of our sons have inherited my chronic pain bone disorder, MHE, so it’s been a little more challenging trying to teach them how to ride bikes. They tire easily (and so do I), but they really enjoy it. Hopefully by next summer, they’ll be able to balance enough to feel confident enough to ditch the training wheels.

Speaking of the boys’ (and their MHE); we have a specialist appointment on Monday. Both boys are experiencing pains typical of having MHE, and both of them may require surgeries in the future but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can hold off a little longer. If the doctor feels that muscle or nerve damage is a possibility, then we’ll have to make a decision about surgery. We also have to watch my youngest son’s wrists, as one of his long bones isn’t growing at the same rate as the other one. He may end up needing bone lengthening surgery if it doesn’t catch up.

I’ve had so many surgeries that I’ve lost count. I stopped keeping track after the twenty-second surgery, but I think I’m around twenty-five or six. It’s not something I want my kids going through regularly, especially not when they’re so young. I was in second grade when I had my first surgery, but I didn’t really understand what was going on, and the whole thing was rather traumatic. Of course, my first surgery didn’t go as smoothly as we all thought it would, as they discovered that I had a bleeding disorder. I bled from the bone and I needed an additional two surgeries to get the bleeding under control.

The boys will be tested for my bleeding disorder prior to surgeries, of course, but still. I definitely have a new-found respect for my parents, for making the kind of calls they had to make regarding my health when I was a child. As scary as it was being the child in that scenario, I have to say…it’s a whole lot scarier being the parent. Or maybe it’s just a different kind of fear…either way, right?

So, yes. I’m quite nervous for the specialist appointment, but the silver lining is that we’ll get to see family we haven’t seen in a while so hopefully the trip itself won’t be too terrible for the kids.

Now for the book world updates:

  • There are 39 days left until Rebel Song releases!
  • Tonight, I’ll be going LIVE in my reader group, FANnigans, to talk about my upcoming release, read an excerpt, and naturally…there will be giveaways! If you aren’t already a member, request to join and see the pinned post for details.
  • There are 51 days left until the Ignite Your Soul Author Event in London, Ontario–and I’m signing at it! If you love books but have never been to an event like this before, make this your first event! Trust me when I say you will love it! It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet multiple authors and be surrounded by people who love books just as much as you do. If you are in the area, or able to travel, come on out and hang with us! Get tickets here & learn more about the event: http://igniteyoursoulauth.wixsite.com/iyse

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