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It’s finally crunch time! Rebel Song is releasing in just five more days!

Rebel Song Countdown Day 5

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Becky Miller has been damaged by love before—many times.
After narrowly escaping the abuse of her lover, her son Aiden’s birth healed her broken family in ways Becky could have never imagined. She swore she would never trust herself, or her child, to another man again.
Just when things started looking up, the Miller family tragically loses their mother. Each of the Miller siblings mourn in their own way. Brock takes charge of arrangements, Braden loses himself to the bottle, and Becky grieves by propositioning her brother’s best friend for an intended one-night stand.
Travis Channing isn’t just her brother’s best friend; he’s a known womanizer—not to mention a chart-topping country singer. But Becky hopes one pleasure-filled night with Travis might temporarily numb the pain she’s experiencing.
As one night turns into more, Becky struggles to remain in control of her developing feelings, but Travis isn’t content to keep things casual any longer.
Can Becky find a way to let go of the guilt of the past and look forward to a future with Travis? Will Travis be able to break through her barrier and show her the love she so desperately deserves?

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One of the things that I love most about my Rebel Series is the interwoven stories throughout each of them. While all of the novels can be read as standalones, they still tie in harmoniously to one another.

I wrote Rebel Soul, Brock and Tessa’s story, in under two months. The outlines for Rebel Heart and Rebel Song were also completed during that time, although back then…I had no idea who I would pair Becky with. I still needed to get to know her, and the other characters, a little better.

Travis turned out to be a perfect fit–which was shocking, because when I went into it…he was singularly focused on his career and enjoying the benefits of it. And at the beginning of this story, he is, but what I wanted to encompass with this story was that love can change us for the better. I was delighted to find that Travis, too, has his secrets, and the masks he puts on for everyone else isn’t really the man he is underneath. Writing is kind of incredible that way–you go into it with pre-conceived notions of your characters and what’s going to happen, and they can sometimes end up taking you in a completely different direction.

I took my time with Rebel Song. I wanted to do Becky’s story justice. For her, it wasn’t about love “solving” the darkness of her past; I wanted to achieve a romance that built her up, that guided her toward her inner strength and eventually, helps her heal. Maybe not completely, scars like that never completely fade, but enough to truly find her own slice of happiness.

Rebel Song does feature triggering topics such as domestic abuse. Becky is a survivor of domestic abuse, and she represents many of my friends and loved ones who have unfortunately gone through similar situations.

It’s more common than you would think; half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16, and 67% of Canadians personally know at least one woman who has experienced physical or sexual abuse.

This story is important to me in so, so many ways. It’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, a homage to the survivors who hope for a better tomorrow.

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