Broken Arts

A while ago, I was interviewed for a documentary on the arts. I’m excited to share the trailer for the documentary:

“Broken Arts is a film about artists, the people and things that inspire them and why they create. This is our love letter to the city of Toronto and the artists that call it home.”

I come in around 1:38, talking about what my friends and family thought of my writing career at first. I had a blast doing the interview with Taylor and I’m excited to see the rest of the documentary.

There are only three more days left until the kids are back at school. It’s been a challenge trying to write, market, and promote with them home full time–I am looking forward to getting my days of productivity back.

With sixteen days left until the release of Rebel Song, I’m beginning to freak out. Not in the “omg I can’t do this” way, but in the “omg I’m doing this” way. In sixteen days, my eighth novel will be out there. It’s hard to believe that I’ve written eight full-length novels in under four years, especially considering the amount of surgeries and delays that happened. Writing has been more of a challenge for me over the last three years, particularly after that wrist surgery that didn’t really help.

But I’m still writing, and I have no plans to quit. I don’t care if it takes me double the time it used to, writing is something I need to do. It keeps me feeling alive, if that makes any sense.

I am over halfway finished writing the novella for an anthropology I’m taking part in. This story is about a 28-year-old woman who meets the love of her life…while already married. Aj didn’t mean to fall in love with their new neighbour, but sometimes love happens when you least expect it. For more details (and the occasional exclusive snippet), join my readers group.

But you might want to do that anyway, because on September 18th, I’ve invited several authors to come in for takeovers to help me celebrate Rebel Song‘s release!


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