Nine Years Ago

Nine years ago, I became a mom to a beautiful boy. I remember everything I felt that day, almost as if it had happened yesterday, not nine years ago.

I remember the excitement wrapped with trepidation as I laid in a hospital bed, waiting for my emergency c-section surgery.

We weren’t expecting him to come as early as he did. Since Nolan was breech, and I was a prolonged bleeder, my OB didn’t want to risk turning him in the womb, so we’d picked a date in May. But true to his nature–Nolan had a different plan.


Fortunately, I’d gone into labor during my 37th week OB check up, while I was waiting for an ultrasound. A c-section was booked for that evening, and Nolan was born at 8:39 that night. He spent two weeks in NICU with fluid on the lungs before we were able to bring him home in May.

Watching him grow into the vibrant little boy he is today has been an honour and a privilege.

Happiest of birthdays, my love!

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