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I keep meaning to write a consequential update about everything that’s been going on in my life right now, just because it’s been a while since I did so, but I keep getting stuck on what to write about.

Truthfully…I’ve been blog blocked. I’ve lost my candid blogging ability because the things plaguing me most, I can’t really talk about.

And it’s ridiculous that I feel I can’t really talk about it, especially because I’m constantly perplexed by society’s insistence that we hide the shameful, not so pretty parts of our lives. The unsightly parts; the parts we know people will judge us for.

I don’t expect those around me to carry their struggles silently, but I expect that of myself. It’s a contradiction and a disservice, so I figured I’d just dive into writing this post and see what happens.

Truthfully, I’ve been struggling in a lot of different ways, for a lot of different reasons. My heart has been sore and heavy, and I’m tired. There’s so much negativity in the world, so many tragic and heartbreaking things happening around me.

I have chosen to let go of some of the things weighing me down, simply in an effort to ease up my own anxieties and stressors, but that’s easier said than done.

Financially, things have been challenging–more so than usual. It’s always hard trying to stretch a one-income budget, but trade-work has been slow, so it’s even worse than usual.

I feel stuck, unable to help lift us to a more secure and stable financial ground. Things will pick up again, I know. It’s the ebb and flow of life, but it still overwhelms me, still makes me feel like a hindrance more often that not.

But it hasn’t just been doom and gloom around here. There’s no shortage on love and laughter in our household.

I’ve been really inspired and writing like crazy, lately. While Coalescence is with the editor, I’ve turned my attentions to a new story and I’m enjoying connecting with my characters.

Spring is finally here, and with the warmer weather, I’m finally feeling a little more energetic. So energetic that I raked most of the backyard (and then paid for it for days after the fact, of course).

I’ve also been trying to get out more, too. The cold and damp weather is hard on my body, so I tend to hibernate. But when the springtime weather comes, I start to leave my den more.

The other day, I went for coffee at Deadly Grounds with my neighbour, Candice. This little coffee shop of horrors quickly became a favourite of mine in the hour we hung out there. From the decor and the vibe to the Winchester Brothers speciality coffee and the pizzazones, this place is totally worth checking out. It’d be the perfect spot to hole up with a laptop and get some writing done–I just need to get myself a laptop so I can actually do this. 😂

Plus, it’s located right beside an escape room place; which I haven’t checked out yet, but intend on doing in the future! We had so much fun at the North Bay escape room when we went.

So that’s what’s mostly new with me. How about you?

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