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I am guilty of putting myself on the back burner way too much. I don’t think I’m alone in doing this; I think a lot of parents do. There’s only so many hours in the day, so many days in the week.

It’s been a year or so since I went in for X-rays. I kept putting it off because of all of the other things happening, and then I’d forget for a bit, until the pain was exceptionally unbearable.

My hands ache fiercely and consistently, and I know it’s partly because I have been writing nonstop. I’m working on so many projects, and giving my hands adequate time to rest isn’t always a priority.

I really put my hands and wrists through hell with Coalescence. That story demanded to be written.

And with all that writing, all that planning, and everything else we have going on, I find myself stretched myself so too thin lately.

I started to burn out a little bit, and I guess I’ve been in a bit of a fog. But I’m waking up again, snapping out of my haze. I’m trying to take care of myself before I burn out, and that means finally focusing on the things I need to do for my health.

Yesterday, I finally went for the X-rays on my ribs and hands; two of the areas affecting me most these days. There is a cluster of bone growths on my right rib cage that get caught on my ribs. Sometimes, it’s hard to breathe.

As for the hands, well, I’ve always had plenty of wrist and hand issues, but the punishing about of words I’ve written lately probably isn’t helping.

I’ll be following up with my family doctor and my specialist to see what my options are, but usually…the only options are deal with it or operate. Neither one of those options really appeal to me.

At least now that it’s warming up, I’m finally able to get out of the house and get outside. I’ve had terrible cabin fever, and it somehow feels as if I’ve gone months without seeing or talking to anyone outside of my immediate family.

Yesterday, Matt had a day off work so we cleaned up the backyard with our neighbour. Pretty soon, it’ll be time to start the garden.

Today we took our first little hike to the creek. Poor Bane hasn’t had any good romps in the woods since winter started, and he was so excited to get out. So was I. Best of all, he didn’t roll in anything dead!

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