Happenings & What Not

Early last week, our almost six year old dog got sick. It came on quickly and furiously; one moment he was fine, and the next…he wasn’t.

He woke up, went outside for a pee, came in for breakfast and chilled with us until it was time to walk to the bus stop. He was his usual self; throwing complaints at me by why of pouty puppy eyes for putting the dreaded blue harness on. We began to walk toward the bus stop, and he started acting weird. Disoriented, lethargic, off balance. By the time we got home, those symptoms had only worsened–and it was very clear that something was wrong.

So, I rushed him to the vet, where he received a dose of charcoal because I honestly had no clue what–if anything–he’d managed to get into in the short span of the five brief minutes he spent outside unattended. We did a round a bloodwork, too; which came back almost normal. His ears were checked too, and although he had a slight ear infection, the vet didn’t think that’s what brought this episode on (although we did get a script for drops and treated him regardless, because ear infections suck).

The charcoal must have done the trick, because later that afternoon he was almost back to his regular self, and by the next day, he was 100% his regular self. But it was still a scary day for me; I’m not ready to lose him.

Bane’s health-scare aside, the rest of the week passed uneventfully, and on Saturday we spent the day at The Toronto Zoo with family.

I swear, that zoo is all uphill (or at least it feels that way) and I’m still recovering from that expedition. It was totally worth it, though!

One of my favourite parts was seeing how interested the kids were to learn at the little stations set up by zoo employees. Every single station we stopped at, and they soaked up the knowledge with eager ears.

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