Bad Decisions

This morning while sleep evaded me and I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, this caught my attention:

Yes, this thread was about Roseanne Barr’s completely out of line racist tweet, but it also applies to a situation we’ve been dealing with for years. A decade, in fact.

I live with a chronic pain bone disorder (Multiple Exostoses), depression, and anxiety. Some days I really struggle, but I do not allow myself to use any of those disabilities as a means to justify shitty behaviour, and I accept responsibility for my actions always. If someone tells me that my actions hurt them, I apologize. I own that shit, and I learn from it. I stop doing it.

Here’s the thing: if you are doing really horrible shitty things to the people you love under the guise of being “mentally ill”, whilst simultaneously never apologizing or changing said shitty behaviour, well…no shit people won’t forgive you.

That bridge won’t mend if you’re constantly setting it on fire. So, tear up that victim card and show some accountability and remorse for your actions.

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