The Key to 19B: Now Live!


The Key to 19B is now live!

I took a risk writing The Key to 19B, but I wanted to; and I needed to. AJ is a character that has been on my mind for the last five years–that’s a long time to have a character on your mind. I wrote her for the women who feel trapped in their unhappy marriages. I’ve known a few of them; women who never expected to fall out of love with their spouses, but they did. Love is a flame; it needs oxygen to burn. When a flame has no oxygen, it dies.

AJ’s story isn’t uncommon; it’s painful and it’s raw, but everyone deserves to be happy–even Brad. When two people are no longer good for each other, the best thing they can do for one another is move on.

But sometimes, that’s easier said than done.

Wade is the kindling. Their connection is transitory and essential; it breathes life back into AJ, and it gets her moving again. It gets her fighting for her own happiness; and her daughter’s.

Right now, The Key to 19B is on sale for 99 cents. 😍


“Sometimes, things happen unexpectedly, and you can either roll with it or run from it. So, what do you want to do?”

Twenty-eight year old AJ Helman feels stuck in a loveless marriage. The daughter they share and AJ’s fear of the unknown are the last threads holding them together. But an instant connection with someone new makes her realize there’s more to love than empty vows and broken promises. Above all, she owes it to herself and her daughter to find the happiness they deserve…and it’s closer than she could have ever imagined.

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