#WIPWednesday: Coalescence: A Welder Romance


Things are chugging along for the release of Coalescence! It’s still with the editor and I’ve seen the first mock up for the cover; it is beautiful! It encompasses the novel so perfectly, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!

Truthfully, though…I’m still not entirely sure when the cover reveal will be. This whole publishing process has been a lot harder this time around. Possibly because everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong, as far as needing to use the money I set aside to publish this incredible book on other things. April was a slow work month for us both, so we’ve been playing catch up and dealing with random, unexpected expenses–of which completely depleted my publishing savings. Now, I’m forced to slow-roll it, which is agonizing for me to do because I just want to get it in the hands of readers nooow.

I’ve already had to push the release back once from May, and I’m praying Lady Luck will be on our side and no other unexpected expenses will arrive, so that I can continue on with my publishing goals for July. Everything’s lined up and ready to go, it’s just a matter of paying hands for their incredible work at this point!

The annoyance of financial struggles aside; I really am proud of this book, and I know it’s going to be worth every moment of the stress I’m feeling right now!

Alaric and Gwen will make you fall hard for their story, and it’s quite possibly the steamiest thing I’ve written to date–how exciting! 😉

Continue reading for the blurb and an exclusive snippet from Coalescence!

BLURB: After the betrayal of her ex-boyfriend, Gwen Williams has sworn off men. Her sister’s upcoming wedding, combined with her newfound single lifestyle, serve as constant reminders that she’s not where she hoped she’d be in life.

At the urging of her sister, she tries to remedy her discontent with a girl’s night out. Counting on disappointment, the one thing she never saw coming was the handsome stranger who unlocked a renewed purpose within her after a sensual one-night stand.

Love-wary single dad, Alaric Petersen, is starting over. In an effort to be closer to his young daughter, Alaric has sold everything, including the business he inherited from his father.

After all the upheaval he’s experienced lately, the last thing he’s looking for is another complication, but that’s exactly what he finds when he discovers the daughter of his new boss is none other than his latest one night stand.

Although awkward at first, Alaric begins to wonder if this obstacle might be just what they both need.

© J.C. Hannigan, 2018

I sat on the sofa with my legs crossed, my laptop open, fingers pounding against the keys as I wrote. Music poured softly from my speakers, and I was lost-lost in a scene within my head.

After sending Alaric those flirty messages last night, I’d been restless, unable to sleep until I’d brought out my trusty vibrator to ease the ache.

Only then, I was able to fall asleep-but I woke up just as tightly wound. I dispersed some of the energy by attacking my apartment, cleaning and dusting every inch, before falling onto my sofa with my laptop and a mug of tea, transforming all that restless, wanton energy into my story.

It was satisfying in a completely different way.

While I was in the writing zone, I never bothered glancing at the clock on the far right side of my toolbar. I kept my eyes glued to the document, watching the scenes come to life before me, slightly awed by the butterflies in my own stomach.

I couldn’t prevent Alaric from occasionally barging into my thoughts. I’d see, in my mind’s eye, my male character doing something-and suddenly it would be an actual memory, something Alaric had said or done. The way he’d smiled or touched me, and the accompany roll of desire in my core that would follow.

Each time this happened, my fingers would freeze, and I’d huff with exasperation. He was the muse and the block, all at once.

Likely because my little masturbation session hadn’t really helped ease the constant desire I’d ached with all weekend long. Especially after sending him that picture…I’d cursed myself as well as him.

But that just made the whole thing hotter, naughtier, and that-in turn, was beginning to seriously frustrate me.

I wondered if it would be crossing the line to text him, to beg him to come over again. I wanted to fill up on him, drink up that dickspiration, ride the high of letting go of my reservations and giving in to desire.

Give into the escape.

Give into not feeling so desperately alone, because when Alaric was here-I didn’t feel alone. I didn’t feel like a clock was ticking, each second booming its fleeting existence.

Sighing deeply, I set my laptop down on the coffee table and reached for my tea. I sipped it, frowning when the cold liquid touched my tongue.

Someone knocked, a fist heavy against the door. I set the cold tea down and stood, tugging down my sleep shorts and tank top, hoping despite it all. I peeked through the hole, and my heart jumped unsteadily at the sight of Alaric on the other side.

I unlocked the door quickly and opened it, forgetting that I wasn’t made up. I hadn’t bothered with makeup, nor had I done much to my hair, save for tossing it up in a messy bun to keep it off my neck while I wrote. But Alaric’s eyes were full of heat as they roamed my face, and in that moment, I’d never felt more beautiful.

His gaze lingered on my lips before slowly moving down the length of my body and up again, his lips curving into a suggestive smile that made the butterflies take flight. “Hey.”

“Hey yourself. What brings you to my doorstep?” I asked coyly, tilting my head.

“I was on my way home. Figured I’d stop in and say hello,” he admitted, his eyes still drinking me in.

“Just to stay hello, huh?”

“Maybe not just hello,” he grinned, and stepped through the threshold and into my apartment.

I closed the door, and Alaric pressed against me from behind as I slid the deadbolt into place, his lips grazing across the side of my neck.

I shivered, goosebumps appearing on my flesh, each of them proclaiming just how desperately turned on I was.

“I’m glad you stopped by, to say hello,” I managed, my voice sounding strange and shaky.

Alaric grunted, smiling against my neck as he tugged the front of my tank top down, freeing my breast. He continued kissing my neck while his fingers tweaked my nipple, and I sighed, pushing back on him. I ground against his erection, enjoying the feel of him through denim, while wishing both our clothes would disappear completely.

He pulled his hand out, and leaned back, dragging the tank top up with him. I turned, my breasts swaying and aching for his touch. I yanked his shirt off, moistening my lips with my tongue as my gaze raked across his chest.

Words weren’t necessary; I knew what he was here for, what he wanted, and I still couldn’t believe he wanted me as much as I wanted him. Before I could get lost in that fact, Alaric’s large hand cupped my chin, guiding my lips to his while his other hand slipped down my stomach, into the waistband of my shorts.

I whimpered when his fingers brushed against my sex, my thighs trembling with want. Alaric swallowed it greedily, never breaking the kiss. I felt it everywhere, and it seared. My heart pounded as he slipped two of his fingers inside.

“You’re so wet,” he growled, pressing his forehead to mine and dragging in a ragged breath as his fingers glided in and out.

Gasping, I broke away, trying to catch my breath. Alaric pulled my shorts down over my hips and I kicked them off, tugging at his belt impatiently, despite to unwrap every inch of him. His hands moved to cover mine, and he helped me unclasp the buckle. I dragged the zipper down, but before I could push them completely off his hips, he picked me up.

My legs locked around his hips, and I could feel his hardness through the thin material of his boxer briefs. Shamelessly, I pressed down, grinding against his thick tip. The thin material of his boxer briefs easing the ache a little, but if he didn’t get inside of me soon, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to stop myself from screaming with frustration.

Alaric grunted, sounding just as tortured as I felt. “How strong is your table?” he asked, heading in that direction.

“Not very,” I said regrettably. It was a particle board table, and I didn’t trust it to support my cat’s weight-let alone ours.

Alaric let out a low chuckle and turned, walking down the hallway to my bedroom, carrying me like I weighed nothing.

He set me down on the mattress and stood, grabbed his wallet from the back pocket of his jeans, and pulled out a strip of condoms before he kicked them the rest of the way off. I leaned forward, pushing his boxer briefs over his hips, eager to help him.

The tip of his cock was already glistening with precum, and I drew him into my mouth eagerly, my tongue swirling around the crown. He let out a noise caught somewhere between a moan and a growl as I worked him in and out of my mouth. It was the most erotic song, and my veins thrummed with power.

“If you don’t stop that, I’m going to come.”

I pulled away, keeping one hand on his throbbing cock, and using the other to cup his balls. He moaned, and I looked up at him, my lips curving into a wicked smile. “You say it like it’s a bad thing.”

I felt like a goddess, and it had everything to do with him. Bringing a man like him to the brink of pleasure, having that kind of power-it was intoxicating. So was the way he looked at me, the way he touched me.

Alaric chuckled, using his fingers to angle my chin up, forcing me to meet his eyes. They sparkled like an open flame, and my breath caught in my lungs. “I want to be inside you when I come.”

His heady words, and the look in his eyes when he said them, made my heart skip a beat.

“Fair enough,” I managed, leaning back and watching as he slipped a condom on. I fell back completely against the mattress, my legs falling open in welcome.

Excerpt from COALESCENCE, my steamy welder romance releasing later this summer!

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