What a Summer!

I’m sitting here this morning, drinking a coffee and appreciating the perplexing fact that time slips so quickly through our fingers.

Granted, it’s been a busy summer. Kids everywhere, distractions everywhere–I don’t think I’ve had a kid free moment since school let out. 98% of the time when I sit down to write or do my book related hustle, I’m pulled away by kids.

After publishing Coalescence in July, I decided to quietly give myself the rest of the summer. I’m not pressuring myself about word counts or goals, because I know I can’t stretch myself that thin.

Instead, I’ve turned my focus to the kids and ensuring they have a fantastic summer. Trips to the park, the splash pad, the beach. Boat rides at my dads, fishing and camping trips up north–we’ve had a lot of fun this summer.

There are ten days until school starts back up again, and I’m trying to jam as much fun into those ten days as I can, so my productivity on the writing front probably won’t improve until after they’re back in school. I’m okay with that, though. One of my favourite things about writing and being in charge of my own books and work is that I can adjust my timelines around what my family needs.

There’s also been a lot of changes this summer, too.

Our neighbours moved at the beginning of August. For as long as we’ve lived here, Candice has been next door. She and Myles became extended (but certainly not expendable) members of our family.

It was so hard to see them go, but they are on to the next chapter in their lives and I’m so excited for them. It’s been quiet and strange without them, and Bane misses Timber a lot.

I’m going to miss sporadic winter hikes to the creek and slipping over to steal a cup sugar. It’s going to be impossible to fill their shoes, but hey, when we moved into this house, I never imagined we’d end up feeling less like neighbours and more like family!

Summer 2018 has been an intense ride, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it, but I will say I’m ready to get back to the grind in ten days.

How was your summer?

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