Another Overdue Update

Summer is officially over, and schools back in session! The boys are adjusting to fourth and second grade respectively, and they seem to really like their teachers–even if they’re less than thrilled about actually having to go to school. If they had it their way, summer would be 365 days of the year. Not that I blame them, I’m so not looking forward to winter–even with the record high we experienced today.

I can’t believe how quickly that summer vacation went by. Especially that last month!

I saw my specialist at the beginning of August; and right now, no surgery dates have been set. The bone growth on my ribs just might be in a tricky spot, wherein they’d have to remove a portion of my rib to get it, and then it’d feel like I constantly have a broken rib. I need to book an MRI, but that surgery sounds like one I’ll avoid.

Last Monday, we took the boys to London for their specialist appointment and managed to avoid surgeries for another few months. Both boys have problem sites, but neither one of them requires immediate attention as those bone growths are slow growing. We’ll go back the fourth of March to see if that’s changed.

I’m such a fan of that hospital–of the specialist the boys see. Our appointment was at 10:10, and both boys had X-rays and we spoke at length to their specialist and a resident, yet despite all of that…we were on the highway heading home by 11:21!

Unfortunately during the long drive to and from London, I must have pinched my sciatic nerve because my hip was a write-off for the rest of the week. We had plans to go camping, but I had to accept the fact that it couldn’t happen. I can’t start out a trip that ultimately ends up with me barely mobile and in a lot of pain already immobile and in a lot of pain.

And so, we didn’t get our last weekend of summer camping trip–but the boys got to have a sleepover at their Nana’s and Matt and I got to have a kid free date night.

Just when my hip started to feel better, I pulled a muscle in my neck and spent the day before school in agony. I must have slept so wrong on it Sunday night, because I couldn’t even turn my head without bursting into tears. It was to the point that I almost rethought my aversion to chiropractors.

So, thanks to my neck and hip problems, I haven’t been as productive as I’d hoped I’d be on my first few kid free days, but the term is young. I’ve got two manuscripts eagerly awaiting my attention!

Although I’d been surrounded by children all summer long, I managed to write out a few scenes for both of those manuscripts, and I’m super excited about them. The rockstar second chance romance is so much more than a rockstar second chance romance–there’s a turbulent father/son relationship, as well as plenty of angst and heartbreak and redemption.

The second manuscript, the contemporary romance, packs a seriously bittersweet punch as it explores the strain and hurt of having a mentally ill family member who refuses to get help.

Hopefully my body is kinder to me for the remainder of September, because the Ignite Your Soul Author Event is happening September 29th in London, Ontario! I can’t wait to see familiar faces and meet new ones!

Oh, and one more exciting tidbit: Coalescence’s cover has been selected to participate in the AllAuthor cover of the month contest! If you think the cover for Coalescence is worthy, you can vote for it here.

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