Chaos and Beauty

Things have been more than a little hectic around here, these past few weeks. We decided the time had come for a move–we’ve been living in this house for six years now, and while we’ve loved it–we’ve also really outgrown it. Our lease was up soon, so we started looking a little east. We found a cute three bedroom four minutes away from my sister, and we get the keys this weekend. We’ll be painting and slowly moving in over the the next month.

A move right before the holidays seems almost deranged, but so far…I’ve relished in the opportunity to finally purge stuff we’ve been hanging on to needlessly. Nothing like a move to get your ass in gear!

And it’s exciting, too. A new home, one with closets this time! That’s right, I’ve lived without a single closet for six years. I’ve really had to get creative with storage, and even then…it’s been a clusterfuck. This new house even has a mud room!

To say I’ve been preoccupied with the move and all the not-so-joys that come with it is an understatement (seriously, packing is a bitch), but I am still writing! I’m still trying to participate in NaNoWriMo, but I acknowledge I may not make much headway this year–and that’s okay. My hands are a little full right now, and progress is still progress. Just the other day, I reached the 50k mark in my current WIP.

But, if you’re wondering why I’ve been sort of quiet lately–that’s why! Once we’re settled, things can resume!


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