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We’re still waiting on that call with the boys’ surgery date, but we got the CT scan we needed for Archer. He was really good about it, too–listening and following instructions without any prompting on my part. I still remember the heart-wrenching days when I had to hold him down for x-rays. When you have a chronic pain disorder, you get used to the tests and succumb to them quickly, simply to get them finished so you can get back to the activities actually you want to do.

We were told that the surgery will be in May, so I came to the difficult decision to back out of this year’s Romancing The Falls event–something I was really hoping not to have to do. But with the boys impending surgeries, I just can’t keep that commitment anymore. We might receive very little notice, or we might still be at the hospital with the boys–there are too many variables. Trying to plan everything around this really big unknown date, with the very real possibility that I’ll end up missing the event regardless was stressful, and even more disheartening than just admitting to myself that I can’t pull it off.

There’s a lot to do, too. To get ready for the surgeries, I mean. We’re setting up services for post op and communicating with the school, and I’m hoping we get the call with the date soon so I can plan things out with a little more detail and assurance.

Ah…planning. I’m a stickler for those outlines (except, ironically, when I’m writing my books…there I’m a pantser). I feel like I need a plan right now, because the limbo before surgery is always an anxious place for me. Turns out it’s even harder when it’s my kids surgeries.

The boys are both doing pretty good, all things considered. They are a little nervous, but we’re talking to work through these emotions and addressing any concerns or questions they have head on. We’re also making sure we have as much fun outside the house, before we’re in cozy up recovery mode.

This weekend, we checked out the Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny event and celebrated Nolan’s tenth birthday by bowling with friends. Yes–he’ll be ten on the 23rd. I can’t believe it, myself. It’s true what they say about time…it flies by.


Except when you’re waiting for a surgery date…only then does it seem to lag.

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  1. I’m thinking of you all the time. Hopefully you’ll have a date soon and you can plan. I hate waiting, too.


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