We have the boys surgery dates: October 22nd and October 29th. They tried to get both boys in for the same day, but the surgeries will each be at least three hours long, and there’s not enough time to do them the same day. So, they’ll be going in a week apart.

At first, I was a little put off by this particular deviance from the original plan. When the comment was made about trying to book an OR for the day to do both of them, I thought that would be extremely challenging, but good because nobody would be sitting out watching their brother go through it, knowing they’d be going in shortly after. However…the boys have witnessed me go in for surgeries a handful of times, so it’s not as if they haven’t gone through the waiting and watching someone else go through it, and we can work with this a little easier, at least in some regards.

We can be with the first for his surgery, bring him home and then a week later, make the same trip for his brother while he stays at home with grandparents. Matt and I both dislike the reality of being pulled away from the first child for any length of time during his recovery, but it cannot be avoided as we have be there for the second during his surgery. At least the first will be comfortable at home in his own bed, with his legos nearby.

Their pre-admittance appointment is September 17th, a day before my pre-admittance appointment in Toronto. My surgery won’t be until after theirs (either at the end of November or the beginning of December), and now that we have [mostly all of] the dates, we can move forward with the rest of it.

Having the dates has lifted some of the unbearable anxiety off of my chest, now that we are able to set things up for them and prepare our household for all these surgeries. The boys currently sleep in a bunk bed, so the top mattress will have to be moved to the extra single bed we tucked away (for moments like this).

We have my parents–who have been through this exact thing many many times–for guidance, and the help of friends and family. I know we’ll get through this more or less intact–minus the removal of a few pesky exostoses, of course.

At least surgeries in the autumn are better than surgeries in the summer. It’s not as hot, the ground is often hard but not yet icy, so manoeuvring post-op is a little more manageable.

No summer surgeries means we’ll be able to go camping a few more times before school starts–they’ll love that. They are also pleased that they’ll get to miss school in October, but sad they’ll have to miss out on trick or treating, too. We intend on bringing the tricks and treating to them, of course–but I remember being the kid missing out on fun stuff because I was recovering from a surgery. It kind of…sucked.

They’ll be okay, though. They’re resilient kids. Even on their worst pain days, they don’t let it slow them down. They continue to do things they enjoy, even if it makes them sore.

It’s going to be a long view months, but we’ll try to fill it with distractions.

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